LG DF455HSS, a very modern and class C dishwasher

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lg df455hss, a very modern and c dishwasher

The LG DF455HSS is a dishwasher designed in stainless steel with modern technologies and energy efficiency class of C. If you want to know what else this LG machine can offer you , be sure to read what we have to say about it.

This is the LG DF455HSS

The LG DF455HSS is a dishwasher that offers a capacity of 14 cutlery and has an energy efficiency rating of C. In addition, this dishwasher also comes with QuadWash™ and TrueSteam™ technologies.

Thanks to TrueSteam technology, it is capable of leaving dishes shiny and without water marks, since they are sanitized to the maximum with the steam generated at 100°. In fact, it is capable of reducing watermarks by up to 30%, so that the dishes are sparkling.

In addition, it also performs a deep cleaning with the 4 blades on its arm, which rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise so that the water can reach all corners. This, along with the two oscillating spray nozzles help you leave dishes spotless.

As you can see, the fact that it can clean from all angles thanks to its multi-motion QuadWash arm, allows it to cover all the dishes. Plus, it comes with four spray arms, so there won’t be any dishes or items left to clean.

Practical and flexible dishwasher

The LG DF455HSS is not only spacious, it is also very easy to load and has a quite flexible interior. First of all, this is because it comes with a basket system that allows you to easily load the crockery and adjust it to your needs.

No matter the size or shape of the items you are going to put in, you can always optimize your previous space. Thanks to its folding teeth, you can put the dishes wherever you want, whether you want to do it on the upper or lower rack.

The height of the upper basket can also be adjusted in height up to three different levels so that it adapts to the size of what you are going to put in and its third tray is adjustable so that you can insert difficult-to-place items.

To all this is added a silent and efficient operation thanks to its Inverter Direct Drive motor , with which the circulation of the water is controlled, as well as the intensity of the spray for better performance without annoying noises.


Efficient and with very useful functions

In fact, the LG DF455HSS is very efficient, since its direct drive motor has been built with fewer components and therefore there is less friction between them and it does not have to exert as much effort to work.

This translates, in addition to a quieter model, into an appliance that lasts longer, with a 10-year guarantee and superior cleaning and drying performance, which offers you good washing results without consuming too much.

Plus, to help you save even more, it comes with an auto-open system that opens at the end of the cycle so you don’t have to spend as much energy drying. But it also has other very interesting functions.

For example, you can select the turbo cycle so that less heavily soiled dishes are clean in as little as 59 minutes. Of course, this function works for a load of 10 services , but since it is designed for slightly dirty dishes, it will come in handy for daily use.

To this you can add a double washing mode that is used to clean pots and pans as well as more delicate dishes without any problem. What’s more, all the crockery will be well sanitized because you can also select a high temperature of up to 80° to eliminate any type of bacteria or debris.


Boasts design and being an intelligent model

The LG DF455HSS also stands out for being intelligent and for its design. Smart because you can program it and use it with the ThinQ application, from which you can download new washing cycles, as well as configure the different programs in a personalized way.

Also, in this application you can activate the dishwasher cleaning reminder, which will notify you every 30 cycles so that you activate the special program that will help you keep the machine clean and odor-free.

And that’s not all, you can also make use of the Smart diagnosis, which will help you solve common and easy problems without having to call the technical service and earn money.

All this in a dishwasher that stands out for its elegant and modern design, boasting a minimalist design to combine with any kitchen and harmonize the general appearance of where it is located and to be durable, as it is resistant to scratches and bumps.


Features of the LG DF455HSS

Capacity (services): 14
Color: Stainless steel
Display Type: Top Touch LED
Tank material: Stainless steel
Inverter Direct Drive Motor: Yes
TrueSteam™ Steam Wash: Yes
Complete cleaning in all corners QuadWash™: Yes
EasyRack+™ Flexible Basket System: Yes
3rd cutlery tray: Yes
Antibacterial treatment: Yes
Energy efficiency: C
Energy consumption 100 cycles (kWh): 75
Sound level (dBA): 41
Sound level class: B.
Water consumption (l/cycle): 9.5
Wifi: Yes
Smart Diagnosis™: Yes
Dirt sensor: Yes
Drying system: Condensation
water softener: Yes
Number of wash arms: 3
Hidden heater: Yes
Vario washing system: Various Plus
Aqua Stop: Yes
Automatic door opening after drying: Yes
Auto: Yes
Intensive: Yes
Delicate: Yes
Soda: Yes
Echo: Yes
Turbo: Yes
Download programs: Yes
Dishwasher cleaning: Yes
Cleared up: Yes
Express: Yes
Dual Zone Wash: Yes
Half load: Yes
Energy saving: Yes
Vapor: Yes
High temperature: Yes
extra dry: Yes
Delay start: up to 12 hours
Child lock: Yes
Width x Depth x Height: 600 x 600 x 850mm
Width x Depth x Height (packaged): 680 x 665 x 890mm
Net weight / kg): 52
Packed weight (kg): 56

Reviews of the LG DF455HSS

This dishwasher is very good value for money. It is spacious, efficient and offers very good washing results. In addition, it has several programs and allows you to download new ones, so if we have to say a negative point, we could point out that some cycles take a long time.


  • Good value for money.
  • Spacious.
  • Efficient.
  • Good washing results.
  • Variety of programs and other downloadables.
  • Some cycles are quite long.