LG F4DN4009S0W, washing machine with Artificial Intelligence

Lg F4dn4009s0w Cabecera.jpg
Lg F4dn4009s0w Cabecera.jpg

Save both on purchase and consumption with the washer-dryer LG F4DN4009S0W, an efficient, durable and resistant device. With this LG 9 kg washer-dryer you can wash and dry your clothes without problems.

How is the LG F4DN4009S0W?

The LG F4DN4009S0W is a Washer-dryer manufactured in white with a load capacity of 9 kg. Among its different features, we see that it has a Direct Drive Motor with Artificial Intelligence, which makes it less noisy and more efficient as it is manufactured with fewer components.

Also, the fact that it has artificial intelligence means that it is capable of automatically detecting the characteristics of each tissue and, therefore, carry out the necessary movements in the drum for the different types of garments. Likewise, it also improves washing efficiency and garments wear up to 18% less.

What’s more, it is an ideal device for treatment of allergy clothing and those members of the family who have the most sensitive skin, since it comes with Steam technology. This technology is based on the use of steam for a deep cleaning that removes up to 99.9% taking care of allergens, in addition to clothing. Therefore, this washer-dryer treats well both children’s clothes and those of allergy sufferers, which is why it is defined as a washing machine with anti-allergy program. And that’s not all, thanks to the fact that up to 99.99% of bacteria are eliminated, it guarantees maximum hygiene.

In short, this washer-dryer offers the best care of our clothes, offering us up to 10 years warranty on the motor that, by operating without belts or pulleys, is more durable, more efficient and makes less noise. Thanks to the fact that it carries out direct traction, it does not require so much effort to work, so it is an important saving in light consumption and less wear, translating into a longer, more efficient and resistant useful life, with all the guarantees of a trusted brand.

LG F4DN4009S0W

Features of the LG F4DN4009S0W

LG F4DN4009S0W
Key features
Ability: 9 Kg (washing) / 5 Kg (drying)
Maximum spin speed 1400/1200/1000/800/400 / No spin
Efficiency: TO
Colour: White
Sound level: 52 dB / 75 dB
General characteristics
AI-Direct Drive with Artificial Intelligence: Yes (Post DD)
Inverter Direct Drive ™: Yes
Steam Option: Spa
6 Motion: Yes
Energy efficiency: TO
Add garment: Yes
Smart Diagnosis version: 3.0
General characteristics
Door opening angle: 150º
Drum volume: 59 liters
Powersoft drum: Yes
Stainless steel batters: Yes
Display type: White LED
Deferred completion: 3-19 hours
Number of washing programs: 14
Cotton +
Mixed fabrics
Easy care
Fast 14 minutes
Washing + drying
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height): 600 x 560 x 850 mm
Weight: 69 kg

Opinions of this washer-dryer

Taking into account that we are facing a 2-in-1 appliance, because it offers us the power of the washing machine and the drying capacity of the dryer, its value for money is good. It is an easy-to-use washer-dryer that does not present complications to understand its operation. Thanks, also, to the type of components and the manufacturing method of its motor, it offers a longer life and is not as noisy as other electrical appliances of the same type. However, its biggest negative point is found in the drying cycles, which are quite long.

LG F4DN4009S0W

Availability and price of the LG F4DN4009S0W

If you like the LG brand, you can always see other appliances from it, such as the LG F4DV709H0.

  • Good value for money.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Steam program.

  • Drying cycles are quite long.