LG F4DV5010SMW, a great smart washer-dryer

lg f4dv5010smw cabecera.jpg
lg f4dv5010smw cabecera.jpg

Looking for a washer and dryer? Well, don’t miss what we have to tell you about the interesting LG F4DV5010SMW washer- dryer . With a variety of useful features, this LG appliance will change your life.

What the LG F4DV5010SMW offers us

The LG F4DV5010SMW is a very interesting washer-dryer, since it comes with AI Direct Drive artificial intelligence , which means that it is capable of detecting the characteristics of the fabric that we put in it and the weight of the load.

In addition, among its various programs, it offers some short ones such as the 59-minute one with great results thanks to the TurboWash technology with Jet Spray, thereby eliminating one of the rinsing phases.

And this is not all, it also has steam technology, very useful for disinfecting, since it is capable of eliminating bacteria, allergens, mites and viruses by 99.9%. Apart from that it is also very practical because of its auto-doser that detects the size of the load and chooses how much detergent is necessary to guarantee a good wash.

In fact, we are facing a very hygienic washer-dryer due to its manufacturing materials, such as stainless steel batters, much more hygienic than plastic ones, more durable and careful with the garments.


Practical and powerful

The LG F4DV5010SMW is also an innovative washer-dryer, not only for its artificial intelligence technology, but also for its wireless connectivity that allows us to control it through our smartphone or smart speakers such as Alexa and Google Assistant.

Also, don’t forget the ezDispense self-dispenser with which you no longer have to worry about wasting detergent at all. Based on the needs of each load, the washer-dryer will take care of saving and using the minimum necessary for great results.

And this also applies to your washing programs, because with TurboWash you have one that only lasts 59 minutes without giving up the results you expect. And since it is a dryer and a washing machine at the same time, you can after washing the clothes dry them without problem and have them ready. An advantage that is much appreciated, now that winter is coming.


Features of the LG F4DV5010SMW



Energy efficiency class (washing) B
Energy efficiency class (washing and drying) AND
Energy efficiency scale From A to G
Drying capacity 7 kg
Washing capacity 10.5 kg
Maximum spin speed 1400
Number of washing programs 14
Automatic detergent dosing Yes
Clarify Plus function Yes
Delayed programming Yes
Delayed start 19
Adjustable rotation speed Yes
Add laundry function (pause) Yes
Noise level (spin) 72
Automatic load control Yes
Inverter motor Yes
Door hinge Left
Door color Black
Control type Rotary
Built-in display Yes
Display type LED
Type of load Front loading
Appliance placemen tIndependent
Product color White
Door opening angle 150
Child lock Yes
Width 600 mm
Depth 565 mm
Height 850 mm
Weight 73 kg



Opinions from the LG F4DV5010SMW

This washing machine has a wide variety of programs that will be very useful to us. With a very good value for money, in addition to being silent and not consuming as much as others. However, the manual that accompanies it is quite scarce , so you will have to look for information on your own so as not to be scared by some common processes that occur in this type of appliances, such as, for example, that the door becomes very hot.





  • There is a good quality price relation.
  • Variety of programs.
  • Self-dosing.
  • It does not consume as much as other models.




  • The manual it brings is very scarce.