LG F4J3TN3W, a good and very complete washing machine

Lg F4j3tn3w Cabecera.jpg
Lg F4j3tn3w Cabecera.jpg

The LG F4J3TN3W It is a washing machine that will take care of your clothes with its 6-stroke drum, while helping you save with its class A +++. This LG washing machine stands out not only for being efficient, but also very durable.

We talk about the LG F4J3TN3W

A quality washing machine will surely last you for many years. Therefore, we must pay close attention not only to the aesthetics that it offers us and that we may like more or less, but also its general benefits. In this way, we can find washing machines as interesting as the LG F4J3TN3W.

In the market we can find a variety of washing machines different designs so that they can adapt to that of our kitchens. From stainless steel to white washers, this being the most popular and common color.

The washing machine that we will talk about today is white, but its features do not stand out in terms of its design, but in terms of what it offers us, since it is a very easy-to-use washing machine that will allow us to solve simple problems thanks to some of its wireless features.

However, we must also bear in mind that, in addition to being durable appliances, washing machines must take care of our garments, and not all do. A good drum, made with good materials And with a design that guarantees less wear and tear, it is a safe bet when it comes to washing our clothes and that it does not spoil quickly.

A worn garment loses color and texture. Although we can find products that promise to keep them in good condition, if the movements of the washing machine are abrupt or the design of the drum is not careful, our clothes will suffer the consequences sooner than if we washed them in a warranty washing machine.

Therefore, it is very important that we stop to look at what each model offers us, if it fits our needs, both in terms of functions and appearance, and if it falls within our budget when purchasing one.

Designed to be durable and take care of your clothes

As we have already advanced, the LG F4J3TN3W is a washing machine designed in white color which has a capacity of 8 kg front load, in addition to an energy efficiency class of A +++. This makes this washing machine a device that will help us save on water and electricity.

Besides, this washing machine also offers maximum reliability because the brand itself offers a 10-year warranty on its motor and up to 22 years of useful life minimum certified. This is because said motor is Inverter Direct Drive.

A Direct Drive motor, in addition to being built with fewer components, which causes them to wear less between them by minimizing friction, acts directly on the drum, so the stability of the whole appliance increases, as well as its durability.

Also, in order to enjoy even more careful garments, the drum is capable of perform up to 6 different movements that maximize the results of the chosen program, taking care not to wear out our clothes.

In this way, the washes are as if we were doing them by hand, so the garments do not suffer as much and, therefore, last longer while maintaining their characteristics.

A washing machine with useful functions

The LG F4J3TN3W also comes with very useful functions that will make life and use easier for us. First, we could add the function Pause and add, which always comes in handy. This function, as its name suggests, is used to add the laundry that we have forgotten, even if the wash cycle has already started.

To use it, you just have to press the button designated for this function and, once the door opens in less than 3 seconds, add the clothes that we have forgotten, regardless of the size.

To this we must also add a function of Smart Diagnosis, which is the self-diagnosis system. This will help you so that, when you bring your mobile closer to the washing machine, it will transmit the incident you have to the technical service. Thus, you will save not only time, but also money in easy solutions.


In summary

In summary, with the LG F4J3TN3W you can maximize cleaning thanks to the 6 movements of its drumIn addition to that you will be able to make use of such interesting functions as Pause and add or programs such as the 30-minute quick one. Finally, thanks to its self-diagnosis system, you will solve common incidents without spending money or time.


Features of the LG F4J3TN3W

Kind: Independent
Type of load: Front loading
Product color: White
Supports door customization: Not
Inverted technology: Yes
Built-in display: Yes
Display type: LED
Display illumination: Yes
Color lighting: White
Control type: Rotary, Touch
Door hinge: Left
Door opening angle: 150 °
Door Color: White
Drum volume: 58 L
Rated capacity: 8 kg
Maximum spin speed: 1400 RPM
Spin drying class: TO
Number of washing programs: 10
Noise level (spin): 75 dB
Noise level (washing): 53 dB
Delayed programming: Yes
Delayed start: 19 h
Cycle time (max): 297 min
Cycle time (fast program): 30 min
Adjustable rotation speed: Yes
Minimum turning speed: 400 RPM
Automatic load control: Yes
Foam control system: Yes
residual moisture: 44%
Adjustable temperature: Yes
Add garments function (pause): Yes
Maximum wash temperature: 95 ° C
Washing programs: Baby care, cotton, delicate / silk, ecological, handmade / wool, intensive / outdoor, mix, pre-wash, sport, synthetic, rinse and spin, spin only.
Child lock: Yes
Auto diagnosis: Yes
Energy efficiency scale: A +++ to D
Energy efficiency class (old): A +++
Width: 600 mm
Depth: 550 mm
Height: 850 mm
Weight: 60 kg
Door diameter: 30 cm

Opinions from the LG F4J3TN3W

This washing machine has a very good value for money. The washing results are very good, in addition to not a noisy washing machine. It has a large LED display so that we can see the selected options and the washing time, as well as an energy efficiency class of A +++ that makes it a very efficient washing machine.

As a negative point, however, we find that most of its wash cycles are quite long.


Availability and price of the LG F4J3TN3W

And if you want to continue seeing another washing machine of the brand, here we leave you the LG F4WV3008S6W.

  • There is a good quality price relation.
  • Good washing results.
  • Large LED display.
  • A +++ efficiency.

  • The wash cycles are quite long.