LG F4J6TY8S, washing machine with maximum energy efficiency

lg f4j6ty8s cabecera.jpg
lg f4j6ty8s cabecera.jpg

Do you need to change your washing machine because it consumes a lot? Well, LG brings you the solution: the LG F4J6TY8S It has an energy efficiency of A +++ that will allow you to save up to 30% more on your bill.

Features of the LG F4J6TY8S

LG, a brand recognized for its quality appliances and, in this case, focusing on the field of clothing care, for its efficient types of washer-dryer, brings us a washing machine that not only has a beautiful design, since it is manufactured in stainless steel, but also offers us some of the most interesting features.

First of all, the LG F4J6TY8S belongs to LG’s 9 Series of washing machines and features some dimensions in mm of 600 x 560 x 850. Also, its weight is in the Weight 63 kg and offers us a 8 kg capacity, more than enough for a family and also 1400 rpm With which we can make sure that the clothes come out after washing completely dry. In fact, and although it has these revolutions, you will not have to worry about noise, since having an engine Inverter Direct Drive, the vibration when spinning is reduced and, therefore, the noise. But, not only that, the engines Inverter They are characterized by lacking the typical brushes that produce friction between them and that, therefore, in addition to emitting more noise, wear out the motor faster. For this reason, the LG Series 9 F4J6TY8S promises us not only maximum reliability, but also durability and therefore, LG informs us that we have 10 year warranty and certifies that your Inverter Direct Drive motor can have a 22-year lifespan. Even if you can’t see how it works, you will feel that this motor pulls directly on the drum of the washing machine, which increases its stability and therefore that durability that is so necessary when choosing one appliance or another.

Regarding the washing and care of clothes, with this washing machine it will seem that it has been washed by hand thanks to its exclusive technology 6 Motion Direct Drive, consisting of the combination of 6 drum movements With which the appliance is adapted to the needs of each selected program and the fabric it contains to maximize the washing effect and, in this way, guarantee the best result for our garments. Also, another interesting feature that the LG F4J6TY8S brings and that will delight those who live with allergy sufferers is that it fights allergens with the power of steam. What’s more, the anti-allergy steam cycle offered by this washing machine will reduce up to 99.9% from harmful and allergy-producing particles such as mites, dust, etc., also guaranteeing that we get rid of all those allergens that cause respiratory problems or itchy skin. And are you one of those clueless who more than once have forgotten to put a garment in the washing machine and have remembered when it has already started its washing cycle? Well, it does not matter, since this LG brings with it the function Pause + load, which will allow you to stop the wash cycle and add those clothes that you forgot to add. To do this, you just have to press the “Add Garments” button and you can put clothes of any size, from socks to pants. All you have to do is wait for the door to open in less than 3 seconds and that’s it.

Finally, it should be noted that it is a smart washing machine. What does this mean? Well, it not only washes well and offers good results, but it also has innovative technology that will allow you, among other things, to diagnose possible problems through its SmartTHINQ and NFC app without the need for the technical service to come and, in addition, you can download up to 20 new additional washing programs with which you can always find the one that best suits you and your needs. All you need is your smartphone and you can get the most out of this practical and efficient washing machine.

Features of the LG F4J6TY8S

LG F4J6TY8S / LG Series 9 F4J6TY8S
Annual water consumption (l / year) 10700
Annual energy consumption (kW / year) 132
Display Yes
Pause + load function Yes
No. of programs 7
Type of programs Cotton, Large pieces of cotton, Blend, Fibers, Quilt, Sportswear, Quick 30, Prewash, Wrinkle treatment
Characteristics Wash options: intensive and normal, Rinse options: normal, rinse +, Variable temperature: Cold / 20/30/40/60/95 ℃, On / off beep, Cleaning in tub, Automatic restart, Smart diagnostics
Choices NFC Inverter Direct Drive, TrueSteam, 6 movements
Type of installation Free installation
Colour Inox
Height (mm) 850
Width (mm) 600
Washing capacity (kg) 8
Revolutions (rpm) 1400
Energy classification A +++
Door hinge Reversible right opening
Shelves for bottles Yes
Power cord length (cm) 240 cm
Accessories included 3 x Egg cup
Loading time 280 min
Working time 120-150 min
Frequency (Hz) 50-60 Hz

Opinions from the LG Series 9 F4J6TY8S

The LG F4J6TY8S is a washing machine that has a very good value for money, since, in addition to having a good capacity with their 8 kg front load, which will be enough for a family, also has a energy efficiency of A +++, which means that, in exchange for the higher investment that you will have to make in the beginning, since it is more expensive than other washing machines with similar features, you will save on the consumption of the electricity and water bill, since consume up to 30% less than other washing machines.

Its stainless steel design is nice, though may clash with some types of kitchens in which other colors and white predominate. Nevertheless, wash well and it offers good results, so if you are looking for a reliable washing machine, this can become a good option with its 10-year warranty on the motor.


Availability and price of the LG F4J6TY8S

Get your LG F4J6TY8S in your trusted stores and always as they are Electrocosto, Amazon, Media Markt, Fnac and eBay.

And if you are looking for something more, here we leave you a washer-dryer to which you can attach a mini washer accessory for smaller items, the LG FH6G1BCH2N.

  • A +++ energy efficiency
  • There is a good quality price relation.

  • Color can be out of tune in some kitchens.