LG F4WN408N0, washing machine compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant

Lg F4wn408n0 Cabecera.jpg
Lg F4wn408n0 Cabecera.jpg

If you are looking for a smart washing machine compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant, today we present the LG F4WN408N0 class A +++ – 40%. This white LG washing machine offers 8 kg of load and brings very interesting features that save you time, money and efforts.

We discuss the LG F4WN408N0

Having a good washing machine is essential so that we can always enjoy our clothes clean and with the best guarantees. At present, this type of household appliances increasingly bring more technologies that advocate the care of garments. In this way, the design of the drums often helps the fabrics not wear out so much and, therefore, retain their color and texture for longer. That said, we can also find them in different styles, designed to integrate perfectly into the various kitchens that exist and, of course, each model will offer us a load capacity, revolutions per minute and energy efficiency class. The LG F4WN408N0, as we will see below, can boast of being a very efficient washing machine, since, in addition to being classified with a class of A +++, it is able to save 40% more than washing machines that carry this class only.

In addition, we are facing a washing machine designed in white, which offers up to 8 kg of load and a power of 1400 revolutions per minute. Believe it or not, a washing machine with this capacity is very suitable for families, since it provides us with the enough space to wash the laundry of all members without any problem. Likewise, thanks to its 1400 rpm, it will also ensure that the clothes do not come out wet and, therefore, it does not take so long to dry. For this reason, this washing machine guarantees an adequate and very comfortable use when doing laundry, although this is not all, since it brings very interesting characteristics that directly affect the consumption it performs, the type of operation and also the noise that makes. The latter is very important, since a silent washing machine It will allow you to use lower electricity rates by being able to put in hours when it was not used to do so as not to disturb the neighbors.

That said, it should be noted that the LG F4WN408N0 is a washing machine that can boast of having artificial intelligence, since it is capable of detecting the different characteristics of the fabric to take better care of the clothes that we put in it. As we have already said, it is a washing machine with an energy efficiency class of A +++, but it is up to 40% more efficient than washing machines in this class. It brings Wifi connectivity that makes it compatible with smart speakers like amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and also with LG’s self-diagnosis system, in addition to offering a 10-year warranty on the Al Direct Drive motor.

LG F4WN408N0

At this point, you may be wondering what a AI Direct Drive ™ motor. This type of motor has characteristics that make it careful with clothes and avoid wearing them up to 18% less. It achieves this thanks to its big data system, by which it can detect the properties of the fabrics that are in the washing machine and, in this way, decide the best movements of the drum to take care of it in the best possible way. What characteristics can this motor detect? The basics of clothing such as the weight of the garments and the type of fabric through the hardness that it presents. In this way, the movements made by the drum will be the best to take care of the clothes that we have gotten into and we will not have to worry about it breaking down.

Other features offered by this washing machine are summarized in that it is more spacious than others, despite the fact that it is the standard size for this type of appliance. In addition, it has been manufactured with materials that promote a longer and more hygienic shelf life. For example, the door of this washing machine has been made of tempered glass and has stainless steel batters that make it more durable and hygienic, as well as helping to take better care of clothes. But that’s not all, the best features are not found in the design of the washing machine, which also stands out for having a display that is more practical and a program selector with a metallic finish, also due to its artificial intelligence. Thanks to the ThinQ app you can download additional washing programs and even schedule laundry. As we have said, it is also compatible with smart speakers, so you can use it saving a lot of time.

LG F4WN408N0

Features of the LG F4WN408N0

LG F4WN408N0
Maximum washing capacity (kg) 8
Max spin speed 1400
Efficiency A +++ -40%
Electric consumption (kWh / year) 117
Water consumption (l / year) 8,900
Variable spin speed 1400/1200/1000/800/400 / No spin
Colour White
Sound level (Spin wash) dB (A) 53/75
AI-Direct Drive with Artificial Intelligence Yes
Inverter Direct Drive ™ Yes
6 motion Yes
Add garment Yes
Smart Diagnosis Yes
SmarThinQ with Wifi Yes
Automatic restart Yes
Standby Power zero Yes
Door opening angle (º) 150
Drum volume (liters) 59
Batters Stainless steel
Display Type Big white LED
Delayed completion 3-19 hrs
Cotton Yes
Cotton + Yes
Mixed fabrics Yes
Easy care Yes
Quilts Yes
Cleaning the tank Yes
Hygienic Yes
Childcare Yes
Sportswear Yes
Silent wash Yes
Program download / Rinse + spin (default) Yes
Delicate Yes
Wool Yes
Fast 30 min Yes
Pre-wash Yes
Delayed completion 3-19 hrs
Child Lock Yes
Spin only Yes
Audible warnings (on / off) Yes
Intensive Yes
Normal Yes
Rinse + Yes
Baby clothes Yes
Children’s clothing Yes
Swimsuits Yes
Rainy season Yes
Sportswear Yes
Cowboys Yes
Blankets Yes
Sweat stains Yes
Loose garments Yes
Color care Yes
Silent wash Yes
Rinse + Spin Yes
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth mm) 600 x 850 x 565
Bottom with closed door (D ‘) 620
Bottom with open door (D ”) 1100
Weight (kg) 64

Opinions of this washing machine

The value for money of this washing machine is very good. It brings a good variety of programs that you can complete thanks to the ThinQ application, in addition to being also compatible with the self-diagnosis function and the smart speakers of the moment. It is easy to use and has a good design, being its most negative point that lwash cycles take a long time.

LG F4WN408N0

Availability and price of the LG F4WN408N0

And if you want to see another LG washing machine model, here we leave you the LG F4WV3009S3W.

  • Good value for money.
  • Good variety of programs.
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Good design, easy to use.

  • The wash cycles take a long time.