LG F4WV5008S2S, a good washing machine with artificial intelligence

lg f4wv5008s2s cabecera.jpg
lg f4wv5008s2s cabecera.jpg

The LG F4WV5008S2S It is a washing machine designed in stainless steel and that has artificial intelligence to offer the best results. With this LG washing machine you will have your clothes clean in less time than you think, as well as much more sanitized thanks to the steam technology.

This is the LG F4WV5008S2S

Some washers, in addition to offering different characteristics and benefits, have a elegant design that does not clash with the environment where we put them, such as the LG F4WV5008S2S. In this way, they are not only presented as household appliances with a specific function, they also contribute to the design of the home in its different nuances.

However, it must be remembered that to make a good choice of a washing machine, we must consider cargo needs that we have (since they will not be the same in a house with a couple than in another in which a family of four lives), as well as the need to bring more or less extras.

The normal thing is that, with the passage of time and new technological innovations, these devices are increasingly silent, although this is not always the case. Therefore, you should question some points before choosing your next washing machine, since those that offer good results and, in addition, bring more innovative technologies, are those that tend to have a more expensive price.

Modern and powerful

Moving on to the washing machine at hand, the LG F4WV5008S2S is a modern washing machinea which is presented as the first model to include artificial intelligence AI Direct Drive. This means that it is capable of detecting the characteristics of the load and of the tissues.

Thanks to this, you can determine which are the best movements so that the clothes are not damaged during the wash. This gets it thanks to the fact that it uses a big data system with which it is able to recognize the different types of fabrics that we put in the washing machine. Once done, it automatically sets how the drum should move to get the best results without wearing it out.

Although this is not all. It also comes with special programs that will help you remove dirt in a much more efficient way or make your life much easier, by reducing time. These programs correspond to Steam, on the one hand, and the TurboWash for the other.

The Steam program is capable of rreduce bacteria by 99.9%, since it uses the power of steam to eliminate viruses, bacteria, allergens and dust mites. In addition, to make cleaning even more hygienic, it uses stainless steel batters that guarantee more cleanliness and durability than plastic ones.

As for the TurboWash program, it works with the half load function and uses a shower spray during rinsing called Jet Spray. Thanks to this, it completely washes the clothes in just 59 minutes, since, by eliminating one of the rinse phases, the total time is reduced.

Durable and efficient design

In addition to these features, the LG F4WV5008S2S is characterized by having a good design, not only for its appearance in stainless steel, but also for the quality of its materials. For example, the door it brings is made of tempered glass, in addition to the fact that, as we have said before, it comes with stainless steel batters that last longer, are more hygienic and take better care of clothes.

To this is added an improved and more functional design, since it has a very practical display and a selector of intuitive programs which will greatly facilitate the use of the washing machine.

LG F4WV5008S2S

Compatible with innovative technologies

Finally, we cannot forget about the technologies with which this washing machine is compatible. The first is the TWINWash mini washing machine, which will allow you to do two washes at the same time without problem, leaving the heaviest load for the main washing machine and the smallest for the small one.

In addition, it is also a washing machine compatible with the ThinQ app, which will allow you to control the washing machine wherever you are, as well as download additional programs or allow You can give him orders through the smart speakers of Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

LG F4WV5008S2S

Features of the LG F4WV5008S2S

LG F4WV5008S2S
General characteristics
Maximum washing capacity (kg): 8
Drum volume (L): 68
Max spin speed: 1400
Variable spin speed: 1400/1200/1000/800/400 / No spin
Energy efficiency (Scale A to G): B
Energy consumption per 100 cycles (kWh): 63
Water consumption per cycle (L): 48
Spinning efficiency: B
Sound level (dBA) centrifuged: 72
Spin acoustic class: TO
AI Direct Drive with Artificial Intelligence: Yes
Inverter Direct Drive ™: Yes
Steam ™ Steam Programs: Steam ™
TurboWash ™: TurboWash ™ (59 Min)
6 motion: Yes
Colour: Inox anti-fingerprint
Main features
Add garment: Yes
Smart Diagnosis ™: version 3.0
Wifi – ThinQ ™: Yes
Automatic restart: Yes
Standby Power zero: Yes
Door opening angle (º): 150
Batters: Stainless steel
Display type: White LED
Deferred completion: 3-19 hrs
Start / Pause indicator: Yes
Variable temperature selection (?): Cold / 20/30/40/60/95?
Büey eye dimensions (mm): 300
Error messages: Yes
Automatic detection of tissue load and characteristics: Yes
Washing programs
Number of washing programs: 14
Programs Cotton, Easy Care, Mixed, Eco 40-60, Bedding / Duvets, Tub Cleaning, Anti-Allergy, Delicate, Steam Child Care, Quick 14, TurboWash ™ 59, Wool / Hand Wash, Intensive, Normal, Normal Eco, Wash + Dry, Dry only, Rinse +, Low temperature, Iron, Closet
Additional options
Prewash: Yes
Child Lock: Yes
Spin only: Yes
Sound warnings (on / off): Yes
Width x Height x Depth mm: 600 x 565 x 850
Dimensions packed (Width x Height x Depth) mm: 660 x 660 x 890
Weight (kg): 70

Opinions from the LG F4WV5008S2S

The value for money of this washing machine is Really good. It offers a good variety of programs as well as functions and, aesthetically, it is a pretty nice washing machine. What’s more, it is easy to use and the clothes come out well washed, so it delivers what it promises.

However, it should be noted that it remains in a energy efficiency class of B, which means that it is not as efficient as other models of washing machines.

LG F4WV5008S2S

Availability and price of the LG F4WV5008S2S

Remember that you can continue to see other washing machines of the brand such as LG F4WV3008S6W.

  • Good value for money.
  • Variety of programs.
  • Modern and beautiful design.
  • The clothes come out well washed.

  • It stays in a class B in energy efficiency.

Total score