LG GBB92STABP, a refrigerator with a special drawer for beers

lg gbb92stabp w2.jpg
lg gbb92stabp w2.jpg

LG knows very well what his users like and has tried to include technologies that meet their wishes in his new LG GBB92STABP. It is a fridge / freezer combi that comes with a compact design, excellent capacity and full of innovations so that your food is preserved in the best possible way. It is not an American refrigerator as it could be LG GSJ960NSVZ, but if you do not have space in the kitchen for a double door, this model will more than meet your expectations.

Of course, go ahead that it is not economical. Is it worth paying double for a refrigerator if, a priori, they are all the same? This is the first thought that you should get out of your head. No, they are not all the same. Not only does the brand or the design count, the technologies included are what make the difference and in this case it comes well loaded with innovations. Let’s get to know them.

Design of the LG GBB92STABP

The LG GBB92STABP is a fridge + freezer combi of a single vertical door, divided in two. At the top is the refrigerator area, with four shelves, a bottle rack, two drawers and four additional shelves on the door arranged at different heights so that all the bottles can enter. At the bottom, in the freezer area, there are three drawers, also of different size.

The dimensions of this appliance are 595 x 2030 x 675 mm and it is of type free installation. The color is anti-fingerprint stainless steel, it is quite effective but something can be noticed, it is not like white. Of course, it is super easy to clean. On the front we also have a small screen integrated into the steel itself, with touch controls and where you can see the interior temperature at all times.

Total gross capacity is 419 liters, divided into 292 liters for the refrigerator area and 127 liters for the freezer area. The space is very well optimized and you will have plenty of room for a family purchase. The door, by the way, is reversible, so that you can assemble it according to the layout of your kitchen as best suits you.

Fast cooling with DoorCooling + and Total No Frost

After learning about its design and capabilities, we are going to start talking about its technologies. The first one that stands out is the DoorCooling +, a technology that allows the air to escape in a cascade form from the upper area, which makes it cool up to 32% faster than other similar models. Thanks to this, the food is better preserved and we will not have problems when we arrive from the purchase. In this sense, it is also worth noting that, in the event of a power failure, this LG model is capable of maintaining the temperature up to 19 hours.

In addition, as expected, it has Total No Frost, which prevents frost from forming. Remember when your parents defrosted every so often? You won’t have to do that anymore! It is nothing new and is that most of the refrigerators on the market have already had it for a long time, but, hey, it is worth highlighting.

What’s so special about the FRESH Balancer and FRESHConverter drawers?

The drawers included in this appliance are of two types. On the one hand, the FRESH Balancer with Magic Crisper It is the best option for storing greens, vegetables or fruits, as they stay fresh for a longer time thanks to its humidity level selector. On the other hand, the drawer FRESHConverter Special beers It is the ideal option for storing food that needs to be very cold (between -2ºC and 3ºC), such as meat, fish or… beers.

It also has a drawer Big zone With a larger capacity than usual so you can store more products. Essential.


Other outstanding features of the LG GBB92STABP

We also want to highlight other characteristics of this model. The most important is that it is compatible with ThinQ app via Wifi. It is the application that LG uses for its smart devices, we can control them from the mobile, make them interact with each other, and much more. This includes the option Smart Diagnosis, which means that the refrigerator has its own “doctor” and knows for itself what happens to it in case of failure or breakdown. After this automatic diagnosis, the app tells the user if it is something that he can fix or if a technician should be called. It is the future.

This combi also has child lock, open door alarm, Inverter Linear Compressor motor, interior LED light and a noise level of 36 dB, pretty quiet.


Technical characteristics of the LG GBB92STABP

Dimensions 595 x 2030 x 675 mm
Colour Stainless steel
Free installation
Screen Yes
Reversible door Yes
Total gross capacity 419 liters
Gross refrigerator capacity 292 liters
Gross Freezer Capacity 127 liters
Number of doors 2
Interior distribution Fridge:

  • 4 shelves
  • 1 bottle rack
  • 2 drawers
  • 4 additional shelves on the door


  • 3 drawers
DoorCooling + Yes
Total No Frost Yes
Types of special drawers FRESH Balancer with Magic Crisper, FRESHConverter Especial Cervezas and Big Zone
Power time in case of power failure 19 hours
Child lock Yes
Open door alarm Yes
Motor Inverter Linear Compressor
Indoor LED light Yes
Noise 36 dB
Smart Diagnosis Yes
Connectivity Wifi
App ThinQ

Availability and price of the LG GBB92STABP

If you are looking for a premium range combi and you do not like Americans or you do not have room for it, this model is an excellent option for you. Its quality is top and its interior distribution is optimized to offer you a high capacity, both in the fridge and in the freezer. It lacks some details, such as offering a cold or ice water dispenser, but if you are looking for a high quality and almost infallible model, this is a very good option for you.

  • With Total No Frost system
  • Sleek and modern design
  • With DoorCooling + rapid cooling
  • Very good capacity
  • Interior layout with special drawers
  • High uptime in the event of a power failure
  • ThinQ connectivity via WiFi

  • Only available in one color
  • It does not have a cold water or ice dispenser
  • High price

Total score