LG GBB940BMQZT, a combi refrigerator that will not go unnoticed

lg gbb940bmqzt cabecera.jpg
lg gbb940bmqzt cabecera.jpg

If you like the different, be sure to take a look at the LG GBB940BMQZT, the LG combi refrigerator that will not go unnoticed. This refrigerator model enjoys the most representative technologies of the brand in combination with an original, modern and highly aesthetic aesthetic that will not leave anyone indifferent.

This is the LG GBB940BMQZT

When we go to buy a new refrigerator, one of the aspects that most attracts our attention is its appearance, something that is not surprising seeing the LG GBB940BMQZT, the LG model that we will talk about today. There are countless models on the market and, as we will see below, we will no longer only find designs in white or stainless steel.

In fact, the originality of the refrigerators it is not only found in its appearance, but we must also look at the different technologies available to them. That is, we must see if they bring the cold system we are looking for, the most appropriate energy efficiency class for our budget and what we want, as well as the capacity and the internal organization.

In this way, we will be more sure of making the right choice. After all, the refrigerator is a very important appliance, so it is always advisable to invest a little more to be sure that our food will be preserved perfectly. Besides, we cannot forget that there are more important benefits than others.

For example, a good class in energy efficiency, a fact that, although people do not usually pay much attention to it, will guarantee considerable savings compared to models that are cataloged with a lower class. It is true that the models with better class are more expensive, but in the long run the savings are noticeable.

In the case of the refrigerator that we will talk about today, we see that aesthetics are combined with the most representative LG technologies, so we are going to talk about this interesting and striking model.

A quality compressor

The LG GBB940BMQZT is a combi refrigerator that, as we have already anticipated, comes designed in black, so it boasts an original aesthetic that will not leave anyone indifferent. Also, this model is No frost, so you will not have to defrost it manually or worry about the formation of frost or ice patches.

The capacity of this model is 300 liters and has a height of 2 meters, So it guarantees you space to store all your food without problems, occupying the minimum space in your kitchen and with the guarantee of enjoying 24 hours of uniform cooling.

It comes built with a Inverter Linear compressor, which means that their manufacture has been carried out with fewer components and, therefore, they will not rub against each other so much or generate as much effort with the energy expenditure that this entails. Besides, it will produce less vibrations and less noise than a conventional one.

Thanks to this, you will save on electricity consumption and all this while enjoying advanced technologies such as LINEARCooling that will guarantee greater freshness for a longer time in your food. Specifically, this compressor can keep freshness up to 82% more than other models.

But that’s not all, as it is so efficient and wears less, its useful life is longer, with which, the brand itself offers you Up to 10 year warranty in the. Thus, you will enjoy without worrying about a compressor that will help you save and will be very durable.

Optimal preservation for food

Regarding the way of preserving food, the LG GBB940BMQZT comes with the NatureFresh technology, consisting of 9 air vents located on each shelf so that the cold reaches all corners of the appliance. In this way, foods better preserve their properties, such as texture, flavor and nutrients.

We can even find a couple of drawers designed to keep different types of fresh food. On the one hand, we have the Magic Crisper, perfect for fruits and vegetables due to its temperature regulator, which will make stay better after 7 days.

The other drawer is multi-temperature, making it ideal for meat, fish and beverages. Maintains content between -2 and -3 degrees Celsius, so the conservation is maintained for a longer time.

As you can see, thanks to the combination of its compressor with the different drawers and cold technologies, they make the food conserve much better 24 hours a day, without large fluctuations in temperature and with precise control of the same.


Comfort and usability

In addition to all this, the LG GBB940BMQZT is a very practical refrigerator, since it is not only spacious, but its interior adapts to our needs. For example, it comes with a bottle rack and a shelf that folds completely so you can store food as you want and adapt it to what you need at all times.

It also has a folding shelf where you can put bulky containers, since it can create a perfect space to store food of all kinds and sizes, even bottles. Although for these you will also have a bottle rack in which you can store up to 5.

Finally, you have the possibility to control the temperature and the different functions of this model thanks to your smartphone with LG’s ThinQ app. In this way, you will not have to be at home to configure it and it is even compatible with smart speakers, so you can control everything just using your voice.


Features of the LG GBB940BMQZT

Total gross volume: 394 liters
Refrigerator gross volume: 131 liters
Freezer gross volume: 263 liters
Total net volume: 370 liters
Net volume of refrigerator: 255 liters
Net Freezer Volume: 115 liters
General characteristics
Display: Exterior
Digital sensors: Yes
Quick freeze: Yes
Quick cooling: Yes
Child Lock: Yes
Door alarm: Yes
Holiday mode Yes
Smart Diagnosis: Yes
Refrigerant R600a
Sound level db (A): 39
Energy consumption (Kwh / year): 270
Autonomy without current: 16 hours
Freezing capacity (kg / 24hr): 9kg / 24hr
Inverter Inverter Compressor: Yes
Climate Class: SN-T
Door color: Black crystal
Reversible door: Yes
Refrigerator compartment
Interior light: LED
Multi Air Flow cooling: Yes
Tempered glass shelves: Yes 2)
Fully folding shelf: Yes (1)
Bottle rack: Yes (medium)
Door cooling: Yes
Fresh Converter multi-temperature compartment: Yes
Fresh Balancer Vegetable / Fruit Drawer with Magic Crisper: Yes
Freezer compartment
Ice tray: Yes
Total number of drawers: 3
Height mm: 2000
Depth (with door and handle) mm: 668
Width mm: 655
Width x Height x Depth mm: 595 x 2000 x 668
Energy efficiency
Energy label: AND
Energy efficiency range: A to G

Opinions from the LG GBB940BMQZT

This fridge freezer has a good value for money. It’s No Frost and comes with special compartments for fresh food, plus folding strips to better organize the interior. Its most negative point, although it is in what is most striking, is in its appearance, because it is easily marked.


Availability and price

Do not forget that you can continue to see refrigerators of the brand like the LG GBB62PZHMN.

  • Good value for money,
  • No Frost.
  • Good cold system.

  • The black color is easily marked.

Total score