LG GBP31SWLZN, competent combi refrigerator at a good price

lg gbp31swlzn cabecera.jpg
lg gbp31swlzn cabecera.jpg

The LG GBP31SWLZN It is a white refrigerator, smooth doors and a simple design that perfectly preserves your food. Discover with us what this LG refrigerator can offer you.

We discuss the LG GBP31SWLZN

The LG GBP31SWLZN is a refrigerator designed in white whose simple aesthetics is characterized by its smooth door, without any handle or other external elements, so it is a good appliance for those looking for a refrigerator with a clean appearance and that, in turn, offers good guarantees.

In the market, in fact, it is not difficult to find a large number of refrigerators whose differences lie, mainly, in various benefits as can be the appearance. Although this may seem like a banal aspect, in reality, it is important for those who like their appliances to blend perfectly with the environment in which they will be installed.

Although it is also fair to remember that design is not all, since we must also look at other features such as engine performance, type, and the cooling system and how efficient it is a refrigerator. The latter because it is a device that is kept on 24 hours a day. Therefore, a refrigerator that offers good energy efficiency will also help us save.

After seeing if a refrigerator is more or less efficient, it would also be interesting to see what functions it has. In this point It is always good that you know that you do not need to spend a fortune to be able to enjoy a device that meets your needs. What you should do is, without a doubt, think about what you are looking for and what you need, and then choose well.

Engineered to last

As for the LG GBP31SWLZN, the refrigerator in question, being a combi refrigerator, will offer us, as you well know, an independent refrigerator and freezer compartment. This may vary from one model to another, but in the case of this model, we have the refrigerator in the upper part and the freezer in the lower part.

Regarding the size of this refrigerator, we see that it presents a height 1.86 m with 235 liters net for the refrigerator compartment Y 107 liters for the freezer. Therefore, it is quite spacious and its interior is organized into three trays and a fresh food drawer at the top and three drawers at the bottom.

Besides, another of the distinctive characteristics of this model is the type of compressor that it brings, which is a Inverter technology motor. This means that it has been manufactured with fewer components and, therefore, there is less friction between them, which ensures less wear and, therefore, greater durability.

In this way, by presenting such durability, the brand offers up to 10 years of guarantee on this compressor, so we will have a good refrigerator for a long time and that will help us keep our food well preserved, just as we want, with their technologies such as NatureFRESH.


A really practical refrigerator

This NatureFRESH technology makes food better preserved because the cold cascades on them thanks to its 9 outlets. This, together with the Inverter Linear compressor, guarantees that the freshness is maintained inside up to 82% more, so that the conservation of our food will be optimal.

In addition to being a refrigerator that precisely controls temperature and offers 24 hours of uniform cooling, the LG GBP31SWLZN can also cool up to 32% faster, because the air outlet is located in the upper front part of the refrigerator and, as we have already said, causes it to fall in a cascade. Therefore both food and beverages are cooled faster and as it is reduced the temperature difference between the outside and the inside of the refrigerator, there are no fluctuations that could spoil the food.

But this is not all, in addition to being a very practical refrigerator, as we have already mentioned, it is a refrigerator with a simple style and a clean and minimalist door so that it can be adapted to almost all kitchens without any problem.

What’s more, thanks to the fact that it is also an intelligent appliance, we will be able to self-diagnose the most common problems that may arise with the SmartThinQ application. This will show you the possible solutions, plus you can also use it to control the temperature and contact the technical service.


Features of the LG GBP31SWLZN

Installation type: Independent
Product color: White
Door hinge: Left
Reversible doors: Yes
Built-in display: Yes
Display type: LED
Cooling medium: R600a
Shelves Material: Tempered glass
Inverted technology: Yes
Total net capacity: 342 L
Total gross capacity: 374 L
Climate class: SN-T
Noise level: 36 dB
Ice cube dispenser: Not
Holiday function: Yes
Refrigerator, net capacity: 235 L
Refrigerator gross capacity: 247 L
Inside fridge light: Yes
Lamp type: LED
Anti-frost (fridge): Yes
Multi-air flow system (fridge): Yes
Refrigerator, number of compartments: 3
Number of compartments for vegetables: 1
Egg-cup: Yes
Bottle rack: Yes
Super Cool function: Yes
Frozen position: last place
Freezer Net Capacity: 107 L
Freezer gross capacity: 127 L
Freezing capacity: 14 kg / 24h
Storage time in case of power failure: 19 h
Star Index: 4*
Anti-frost (freezer): Yes
Freezer, number of compartments: 3
Quick freeze function: Yes
Ice buckets: Yes
Door alarm (open): Yes
Temperature alarm: Not
Power control
Energy efficiency class: A ++
Annual energy consumption: 254 kWh
Weight and measurements
Width: 595 mm
Depth: 682 mm
Height: 1860 mm


This refrigerator preserves and cools very well, so its Value for money is quite good. It is also an efficient refrigerator, in addition to being notable for having anti-frost technology in the freezer. Of course, the organization of the interior is somewhat fair, since we would have liked some more drawer for fresh food that separated fruits and vegetables from meat and fish.


Availability and price of the LG GBP31SWLZN

Another refrigerator that you can see from the brand is the LG GBP32DSLZN.

  • Good value for money.
  • Chills and preserves very well.

  • The internal organization is something fair.
  • Very simple exterior design.

Total score