LG GFT41PZGSZ, a cupboard-shaped upright freezer

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lg gft41pzgsz.jpg

If you have space in your home to have a separate freezer from the fridge, you need to know this product. The LG GFT41PZGSZ It is a new appliance from LG that offers a new possibility for your kitchen or even your storage room. And the fact is that a freezer has multiple uses and until recently it did not have the importance it deserved. All the leading role was taken by the refrigerator, but his reign is over. Independent freezers are becoming more and more common, either in a vertical format, such as this LG GFT41PZGSZ, or in a chest freezer format, such as the Haier HCE143F.

An independent freezer will help you maximize the space to have ice cream, meat, fish, fruit, even tuppers in abundance at home, if you are very cooks but do not have time to cook daily and you like to make marathons of tuppers and tuppers. weekends. Also if you are having guests by surprise or if there are many of you at home, this extra space in the freezer area will come in handy.

Therefore, today we are going to know the characteristics of the LG GFT41PZGSZ, a model that boasts of having a very good quality and a very well used space so that you have accumulated food for months.

Design of the LG GFT41PZGSZ

The first thing that stands out about this appliance is, obviously, its format. Many people are still not used to seeing freestanding freezers, but if you think of one, the ones that come to mind first are the chest or chest freezers. Now vertical freezers are becoming fashionable, like this model.

This appliance has a single door, which can be a disadvantage for some, since you will not be able to open it by zones. Yes indeed, the door is reversible, so you can put it to the right or to the left according to what suits you best in the place where you place it. It has dimensions of 1860mm x 595 x 600mm and a weight of 74 kg.

The screen it’s on the top inside, so you won’t see it from the outside. Here you can see data such as temperature. It is not very well used, but something is something. The freezer has a minimalist design where its color stands out in stainless steel, modern and elegant at the same time.

It has a gross capacity of 355 liters (Thanks to its good internal use, the net capacity is 324 liters). Inside it is distributed in three shelves and four drawers.

Technologies to highlight: Total No Frost and Multi Air Flow

Apart from its minimalist design and good capacity, in this appliance we must highlight the technologies focused on its rapid cooling and good cold distribution. Let’s get to know them.

The main one is probably Multi Air Flow, which has air vents in the upper part of each compartment, which favors a faster and uniform cooling equally in all corners of this device. This not only saves energy, it also keeps food longer and better. This is related to quick freeze, a function that can be activated just by pressing a button when you need it, for example, when you get home from your shopping and need that “push” for your food. Pressing this button activates a stream of cool air that maximizes internal freezing.


Related to this is also technology Total No Frost, probably the characteristic of the freezers that we all know the most and that of course could not be missing here. This LG GFT41PZGSZ model includes Total No Frost, which avoids the accumulation of frost and therefore the tedious task of having to defrost by hand. That is in the past.

And finally, what would happen in the event of a power failure? Would all the food go bad? It depends on time. This model gives us up 15 hours warranty before they go bad, long enough for the situation to be restored, under normal conditions.

Other features to highlight

This LG GFT41PZGSZ appliance has a simple but very efficient operation. It is a high quality model, with excellent interior capacity and very good technologies so that food is always well preserved. But, in addition to all that has been said, there are some details to highlight.

For example, it is quite quiet, with a noise level of 38 dB, in line with other models on the market. It also has door open alarm, child lock and energy certification E (on the new scale from A to G).


Technical characteristics of the LG GFT41PZGSZ

Dimensions 1860mm x 595 x 600mm
Weight 74 kg
Colour Stainless steel
Number of doors 1
Reversible door Yes
Colour Stainless steel
Screen Yes
Gross capacity 355 liters
Net capacity 324 liters
Interior distribution
  • 3 shelves
  • 4 drawers
Multi Air Flow Yes
Total No Frost Yes
Quick freeze Yes
Storage time in case of power failure 15 hours
Noise 38 dB
Open door alarm Yes
Child lock Yes
Energetic certification AND

Availability and price of the LG GFT41PZGSZ

Is it worth buying an upright freezer? This is the first question you should ask yourself, before choosing a model. It is an appliance that, without being essential, is super useful and can make your life much easier, especially if there are enough of you at home. You need to have space, yes. And once you have this clear, the LG GFT41PZGSZ model is a very interesting option, with a very good quality and fast freezing technologies. To be perfect, it would be missing to have extras such as ice dispensing or to be available in more colors, but is someone perfect?

  • With Total No Frost system
  • Sleek and modern design
  • With quick freeze
  • Has open door alarm
  • With child lock
  • Pretty quiet
  • Very good capacity
  • Interior layout with special drawers
  • High uptime in the event of a power failure

  • Only available in one color
  • It does not have a cold water or ice dispenser
  • High price
  • You do not have WiFi connectivity

Total score