LG GSJ960NSVZ, large capacity in this American refrigerator

lg gsj960nsvz cabecera.jpg
lg gsj960nsvz cabecera.jpg

Beautifully designed in stainless steel, the LG GSJ960NSVZ It is an American refrigerator that has a large space, as well as a dispenser on the door. This LG refrigerator will allow you to open a door in one of its doors to access the food you consume the most quickly and thus save energy.

We talk about the LG GSJ960NSVZ

Of the wide variety of American refrigerators on the market, it cannot be denied that some are more eye-catching than others. For example, the LG GSJ960NSVZ, thanks to its aesthetics and design, tends to be liked a lot by users, since it has a very modern and elegant appearance thanks to the Anti-fingerprint stainless steel. In addition, apart from being beautiful, it is also practical, since it has a water and ice dispenser in one of its doors.

What’s more, it is a refrigerator that is designed to save energy, since it has a double door system that will allow us to access our favorite drinks, without having to open the compartment in its entirety, as we will see below. In addition, it should be noted that it is a very spacious device, since offers 625 liters of total net capacity divided into 411 for the refrigerator and 214 for the freezer.

More savings with your compressor

In addition to its design, thought to be spacious, the LG GSX960NSVZ comes built with an efficient compressor called Inverter Linear Compressor, that is exclusive to LG and that, among other advantages, consumes up to 32% less energy and works in a quieter way, specifically, it is up to 25% quieter.

These virtues are achieved thanks to the fact that it has been manufactured with fewer components, so that there is not so much wear between its parts due to friction, and this means that, in addition to not generating as much noise due to the vibrations that could be produced by this, be more durable. The brand itself, at this point, offers you up to 10 years warranty, since the useful life of the appliance is longer.

Conservation and efficient cold systems

If we look at how this refrigerator cools, we can only say that it does it in an outstanding way, since it has different cold technologies that make food keep very well. The most important ones, without a doubt, we will find them in the LINEARCooling and the DoorCooling +.

The first consists of reducing temperature fluctuations, since it allows you to set a precise temperature so that food does not spoil due to sudden changes or large differences between the cold inside and the temperature outside.

The DoorCooling + also makes food cool faster, since the air cascades on it thanks to the upper front outlet. Thus, cold air is able to reach every corner and, therefore, keep all food at the same temperature.

And not only that, when it comes to storing your food, you can do it in the drawers that are arranged for it and that serve to preserve different types of food. For example, him FRESHBalancer drawer, that has the technology Magic Crisper, It includes a lattice for moisture condensation or evaporation that is ideal for foods such as fruits and vegetables.

A smart device

The LG GSX960NSVZ, as you can see, is a very practical American refrigerator with a great design, although this design also We could define it as “intelligent” for several aspects. The first, without a doubt, is its double door system that allows you to access your drinks more quickly without having to open it completely.

Thanks to this, you will not consume excess energy or lose cold. It is very practical for when, for example, you only want to take out a bottle of water or some food that you consume frequently and, in fact, the reduction of cold translates into 41% less. In this way, it is a comfortable system to use, as well as efficient.


As for his ice and water dispenser, It is of the SpacePlus type, which means that it is integrated into the door so that you can have a good space in the freezer compartment. Thus, it will not affect its capacity and you can store your food without problems. Also, on the other door we can find a SpacePlus ice maker, which comes

All this with the possibility of controlling it through its ThinQ application from wherever we are, since it is It comes with wireless connection and WiFi compatibility. Thanks to this, we will not need to be at home and we can adjust the temperature or its functions depending on what we need at all times.


Features of the LG GSJ960NSVZ

Installation type: Independent
Product color: Stainless steel
Product design American door
Supports door customization Yes
Child lock: Yes
Lamp type LED
Built-in display: Yes
Door-in-Door function Yes
Shelves Material: Tempered glass
No Frost: Yes
Total net capacity: 625 L
Climate class: T
Noise emission class C
Water dispenser Yes
Ice dispenser Yes
Ice pick Yes
Noise level 39 dB
Holiday function: Yes
Refrigerator, net capacity: 411 L
Inside fridge light: Yes
Lamp type: LED
Anti-frost (fridge): Yes
Multi-air flow system (fridge): Yes
Refrigerator, number of compartments: 4
Number of compartments for vegetables: 2
Egg-cup: Yes
Bottle rack: Yes
Super Cool function: Yes
Frozen position: Side
Freezer Net Capacity: 214 L
Freezing capacity: 12 kg / 24h
Storage time in case of power failure: 10 h
Star Index: 4*
Anti-frost (freezer): Yes
Freezer, number of compartments: 4
Quick freeze function: Yes
Door alarm (open): Yes
Energy efficiency class: F
Energy efficiency scale: A to G
Annual energy consumption: 431kWh
Width: 912 mm
Depth: 738 mm
Height: 1790 mm
Height: 132 kg

Opinions from the LG GSJ960NSVZ

First of all, we have to say that it is a very large American refrigerator, an aspect that you will have to take into account when purchasing it. It is expensive, but its value for money is good, since it cools very well, it has a nice design and is very comfortable to organize. Therefore, its most negative points would be found in the materials of the drawers and above all, in the energy efficiency class, which is low.


Availability and price of the LG GSJ960NSVZ

Do not forget that you can continue to see other American refrigerators like the LG GSJ960NSBZ.

  • There is a good quality price relation.
  • It cools very well.
  • “Door to door” system for easy access to the most consumed foods.
  • Control by application.
  • Pretty, elegant aesthetic.
  • Water and ice dispenser.

  • Drawer materials somewhat flimsy.
  • Low energy efficiency class.

Total score