LG RC80U2AV4D, we tell you how is this efficient dryer

lg rc80u2av4d cabecera.jpg
lg rc80u2av4d cabecera.jpg

The LG RC80U2AV4D o LG RC80U2AV4D.ABWQKES is an efficient dryer with which you can have your clothes dry and smooth without spending so much. This LG heat pump dryer is very complete and, in addition to allowing you to save, it also has very interesting programs that guarantee that your clothes are not only dry, but also thoroughly sanitized without damaging them excessively.

We discuss the LG RC80U2AV4D

Dryers such as the LG RC80U2AV4D or LG RC80U2AV4D.ABWQKES are not one of the most popular appliances due to the consumption they usually entail, but if we talk about heat pump models like today’s, the picture changes, since they are more efficient and They allow us to use them without consuming so much.

Let’s not fool ourselves, dryers are expensive appliances, and the more efficient they are, the higher their market price will be. However, this will lead us to save in the long run, since a higher investment means, over time, a lower cost for its more efficient technologies.

In addition, this type of appliance offers us many advantages, such as, for example, not having to depend on the weather to wash our clothes and dry them, being able to enjoy them whenever we want and without any inconvenience.

The dryer that we will talk about today, in addition to being a heat pump dryer and that this makes its energy efficiency class is A +++, offers us a capacity of 8 kg that guarantees us enough space for the garments we need.

Thanks to your Dual Inverter heat pump, in turn, it offers us effective drying and maximum energy efficiency in less time than condensation dryers and, as we will see later, it comes with programs that will also help us save energy or time, depending on what we want.

An efficient washer-dryer

The LG RC80U2AV4D is a dryer that, as we have already anticipated, it will allow us to save both energy and time. Its drying is very efficient and does it in less time than a condensation dryer, something to be appreciated in this type of appliance.

Thanks to its Dual Inverter heat pump, the coolant circulation speed range varies from very fast to slow without the need to turn it on or off, so it is also quieter and generates less noise and also less vibration.

The refrigerant used is R290, which is characterized by having a lower GWP when compared to that used by the dryer with a conventional R134a heat pump. Therefore, this tumble dryer is listed with a class of A +++ in a range from A +++ to D.

But this is not all, it will not only allow you to save energy, you can also save time and you can do it thanks to the EcoHybrid technology that, according to your needs, will allow you to save in one aspect or another.

Hygienic both with clothes and with her

As you can see, this dryer stands out, above all, in its saving technology, but also It should be mentioned that it is a very hygienic device that he is clean both with your clothes and with himself.

The LG RC80U2AV4D takes care of clothes by reducing wrinkles by using a low drying temperature that guarantees greater protection in tissues. Likewise, it also has anti-allergy care that consists of up to 99.9% reduction in dust mites and that it is ideal for the most sensitive and allergic people or those who suffer from dermatitis.

In addition, the dryer itself self-cleans its water condenser. Said condenser is kept clean automatically using a pressurized water spray. A) Yes, no traces of particles remain and it cleans perfectly to offer you the performance you expect from it. What’s more, it includes a double filter that ensures that it can maintain maximum drying efficiency by filtering lint from clothes.


Designed to be smart

In addition, the LG RC80U2AV4D is a very efficient dryer, since it optimizes the drying process by being able to detect the humidity of the clothes and set the drying time automatically.

Its design, in addition, will allow you to place it where it best suits you, since it adapts to your space by being able to reverse your door. Therefore, you can change the opening direction depending on the design of your kitchen or your needs.

But this is not all, the LG RC80U2AV4D is compatible with the Smart ThinQ app, so you can download additional programs in it, as well as make use of the self-diagnosis system if there is any problem.


Features of the LG RC80U2AV4D.ABWQKES

Installation type: Independent
Type of load: Front loading
Drying system: Heat pump
Product color: White
Door hinge: Left Right
Reversible doors: Yes
Control type: Buttons, Rotary
Built-in display: Yes
Inverted technology: Yes
Loading capacity: 8 kg
Drying class: TO
Cycle time: 196 min
Noise level: 62 dB
Anti-bending function: Yes
Adjustable rotation speed: Yes
Drying programs
Drying program: Anti-allergen function, wool drying, mix drying, sport drying, quick drying, delicate / silk drying, blanket drying, cotton drying, ironing dry, wardrobe dry
Drum interior lighting: Yes
Washing time remaining indicator: Yes
Vibrator: Yes
Child lock: Yes
Cleaning filter indicator: Yes
Water level indicator: Yes
Wi-Fi controlled: Yes
Power control
Energy efficiency class: A +++
Energy consumption: 1.47 kWh
Annual energy consumption: 176 kWh
Heat source: Electric
Weight and measurements
Width: 600 mm
Depth: 690 mm
Height: 850 mm
Weight: 54 kg
Package width: 660 mm
Depth of package: 702 mm
Package height: 920 mm
Package weight: 61 kg

Opinions from the LG RC80U2AV4D

This dryer has a very good value for money. Dries very well clothes, but, above all, in what else It stands out in the savings it involves and how quiet it is. This means that using it is not a hassle and that, in the end, you notice that saving in the electricity bill. In addition, it is spacious and has a nice design.

Its most negative point, however, is the duration of its cycles, which are quite long, so we do not expect to have dry clothes anytime soon.


Availability and price of the LG RC80U2AV4D

You can continue to see other dryers of the brand such as LG RC90V9EV2Q.

  • There is a good quality price relation.
  • Dry your clothes very well.
  • Silent
  • Efficient.

  • Drying cycles are quite long.