LG RC90V9EV2Q, save time and money with this dryer

Lg Rc90v9ev2q Cabecera.jpg
Lg Rc90v9ev2q Cabecera.jpg

With the LG RC90V9EV2Q You will not only dry your clothes, but you will also take care of them and what is better: you will save thanks to the fact that it is class A +++. Do not miss what we have to tell you about this LG dryer.

We talk about the LG RC90V9EV2Q

The LG RC90V9EV2Q is a dryer characterized by being designed in stainless steel and that, in addition to its elegant aesthetics, it has a capacity to 9 kg front load and that, among all its features, it boasts having a heat pump, which is why we are talking about a more efficient dryer than conventional ones. This, although it may not seem important, it really is, since it is well known by most that dryers are one of the most energy consuming appliances due to their characteristics and the need to generate heat to heat clothes. Therefore, that this one in particular takes heat pump, is a great advantage over other similar ones without this feature, as we will see later when we mention its class in energy efficiency.

That said, the heat pump that comes with this dryer is DualInverter. This type of pump shows very interesting characteristics that, in turn, make it possible to lower costs compared to other dryers. In fact, its main function is to offer energy saving without sacrificing drying efficiency, so this heat pump guarantees good results in drying your rompers, with maximum energy efficiency and, in addition, saving time, since the drying time is also less than in other dryers.

Having a dryer helps us, among other uses, to be able to have our clothes dry whenever we want. Is really useful in cold seasons, such as fall and winterWhen, due to the characteristics of the climate, it is not possible to dry the clothes in the open air, or rather, when we dry the clothes in the open air they take much longer to dry. Therefore, if we do not want to have to wait for our clothes to finish drying, either because we need them for work, for a meeting or because we simply do not want to spend a lot of time doing laundry, a dryer is postulated as a good option to meet these needs.

That said, and going on to analyze the particularities of the LG RC90V9EV2Q, we have to focus, first of all, on its energy efficiency. As we have already anticipated, thanks to the fact that it has its heat pump and a R290 refrigerant that has a lower GWP Compared to R134a refrigerant, which is used in the brand’s own conventional pump dryer, this dryer increases its energy efficiency to the maximum, thereby being labeled with a A +++ rating. This means that the dryer will not only save you time, but also money by making less consumption.

Also, if we really want to save much more, we can do use of such interesting functions as saving energy or time according to what we need at all times. Eco Hybrid technology is responsible for allowing us to carry out this selection and, therefore, save much more. And, likewise, as we have already pointed out, this does not interfere with the drying efficiency, thanks to the fact that it also brings automatic condenser cleaning. This function ensures that the condenser is always clean and operational, so the drying performance will not be affected in any way.

Also, the clothes will be clean to perfection, and we do not mean that you wash them, since it is not a washer-dryer, but that will keep your garments lint free because it is capable of filtering them. In this way, your clothes will come out of the machine perfectly and ready for storage. Besides, as you can see, you will be able to choose between different programs that adjust to the needs of your garments, such as, for example, low temperature drying, that helps us protect the fabrics and prevents, in turn, that the clothes shrink. In this way, you can use your clothes for longer, since this type of drying causes the same effect as if we were drying clothes in the open air.


What’s more, since it has drying sensors that detect the moisture in the garments, the dryer adapts automatically and sets the required drying time so they don’t get more heat than they should. In fact, this dryer also comes with an intelligent system that will allow you to adjust it, for example, to the wash cycle of your dryer. That is, once your washing machine finishes washing, you can immediately put these clothes in the dryer to save time. There are also other options like download additional programs and even the possibility of controlling the dryer remotely so that everything saves you time. You can even diagnose small problems with your self-diagnosis system and thus avoid that technicians have to go to your home.

And how it adapts to your needs in terms of its design, since the door can be installed both with the opening to the left and to the right and its manufacturing materials offer you a greater durability of the machine, you will enjoy a practical and durable appliance.


Features of the LG RC90V9EV2Q

Installation type: Independent
Type of load: Front loading
Drying system: Condensation
Product color: Stainless steel
Door Color: Black
Reversible doors: Yes
Control type: Rotary
Built-in display: Yes
Display type: LED
Drum Material: Stainless steel
Inverted technology: Yes
Loading capacity: 9 kg
Drying class: TO
Number of drying programs: 14
Noise level: 62 dB
Anti-allergenic function: Yes
Wool drying program: Yes
Sport drying program: Yes
Quick dry program: Yes
Delicate / silk drying program: Yes
Cotton drying program: Yes
Towel drying program: Yes
Self-cleaning function: Yes
Wi-Fi controlled: Yes
Energy efficiency class: A +++
Annual energy consumption: 194 kWh
Width: 600 mm
Depth: 690 mm
Height: 850 mm
Weight: 56 kg

Opinions of this dryer

Good value for money. This dryer undoubtedly stands out for its energy efficiency, so, although it seems like an expensive appliance, the savings it offers is very interesting. On the negative side, the clothes are quite wrinkled.

Availability and price of the LG RC90V9EV2Q

And if what you are looking for is a two-in-one, here we leave you the LG F4DV709H1 washer-dryer.

  • Good value for money.
  • A +++.
  • Low temperature drying.

  • Clothes come out wrinkled.

Total score