LG Vapor Cleaner Styler, the closet that is a domestic dry cleaner

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Lg Vapor Cleaner Styler.jpg

Innovation for an increasingly smart home has no limits. That is what is intuited when knowing the LG Vapor Cleaner Styler. A wardrobe that removes bacteria from clothing, iron Y dry, coulding be controlled from mobile.

LG Vapor Cleaner Styler, home dry cleaning service

The multinational LG Electronics presents an exclusive device, the Vapor Cleaner Styler. A product that, as its name suggests, uses steam to provide total care to all types of clothing, even the most delicate.

Steam cabinet features

The Vapor Cleaner Styler seeks to provide the services for the clothes of a dry cleaner. Basically, it offers a gentle treatment for clothes but without chemicals that can damage fabrics or the environment. The apparatus keeps garments totally free from bacteria and viruses.

Those interested in LG Vapor Cleaner Styler you can choose between two models: finished in White or mirror. This device has a capacity for four garments. In addition, it integrates into the smart home through connectivity ThinQ.

More details of the device

The Vapor Cleaner Styler have a removable water tank, the water intake being unnecessary. The manufacturer offers aromatic kits that perfume the garments. This device generates a temperature inside the cabinet between 60ºC and 62ºC, which achieves a total hygiene of the clothes and prevents their deterioration. The cleaning process takes a few 2 hours, and does not require personal handling or adding chemicals.

LG Vapor Cleaner Styler

It is capable of eliminating 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and allergens from garments, including human coronavirus

However, for remove odors from clothes and refresh them enough 20 minutes. The Vapor Cleaner Styler in white has a recommended price of 1,599 euros; with the mirror finish is for sale by 1,799 euros.

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