Lidl 3 basket fryer, what can we do with it

lidl 3 basket fryer, what can we do with it
lidl 3 basket fryer, what can we do with it

Today we have hunted in the catalog of this supermarket the  Lidl 3-basket fryer , a rather curious and above all very useful model that can help you a lot when it comes to organizing your meals. This fryer stands out for its good value for money and for its versatility that will make it an essential in your kitchen.

Features of the Lidl 3 basket fryer

The highlight of this 3-basket fryer from Lidl is that it comes, as its name suggests, with three main accessories:  1 large basket and 2 small baskets . In this way, we can fry different types of food, for example, in the large basket we can prepare meat or fish and in the small baskets (which, by the way, can be used simultaneously) we can prepare smaller pieces, such as potatoes fries or chicken strips.

Lidl 3 basket fryer

It has a power of  2000 W and is made of  stainless steel , a resistant and safe material for our health. The maximum oil capacity is  4 liters and thanks to its  non- stick bowl it will not stick to us. In addition, the baskets are dishwasher safe, a fact that we must always take into account to make our lives a little easier. We also highlight that it has a  temperature regulation up to 190ºC .

As for its measurements, it has dimensions of  39.2 x 28.8 x 25.2 cm and a weight of  3.4 kg .

Availability and price

If you wanted to buy a fryer and you like the versatility that this model offers you, you already have it available in the  Lidl online store for a price of  39.99 euros . Considering the quality of this appliance, it is a fairly reasonable price.

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