Lidl 30W slush machine, your new summer best friend

lidl 30w slush machine, your new summer best friend
lidl 30w slush machine, your new summer best friend

In summer we want fresh things: cold foods, ice-cold drinks… And for that, you need a product like this. The  Lidl 30W slush machine wants to become your new best friend this summer, as it allows you to prepare slushies, cocktails or any other drink, effortlessly and with professional results.

Technical characteristics of the Lidl 30W slush machine

This product offers us  granita and mixing functions . We can choose between two levels,  fine or coarse granita , and it incorporates a  large mixing container with a handle and pouring spout to make it extremely easy to use. In addition, it has a stainless steel blade to make crushing ice cubes even simpler and all its  parts are removable for easy washing.

Lidl 30W slush machine 3

Its power is  30 W and allows us to prepare drinks in a very short time. Of course, it is not used to chop frozen food, be careful because this could damage the machine.

Other basic data that you should know about this model is that its jug has a volume of  1.1 liters , the mixing bowl has a capacity of  1.35 liters and the volume of the ice chamber is  250 grams . The measurements of the main unit are  18 x 21 x 29 cm and the weight is  1.6 kg . To this should be added the weight of the accessories and their dimensions, although in general it is a fairly compact product.

Availability and price

This Lidl 30W granita is now available in the  Lidl online store for a price of  34.99 euros . You can find it in  red , with transparent accessories.

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