Lidl award-winning quality, what is it and what does it mean?

calidad premiada de lidl.jpg
calidad premiada de lidl.jpg

If you are looking at Lidl for a product to buy, whether in the food category, clothing or even household appliances, the seal may have caught your attention Lidl award-winning quality, which some of its products have. But do you know what it means and what it implies? We will tell you briefly so that you can buy with all the guarantees.

What does Lidl Award-Winning Quality mean?

As we were saying, some products in the Lidl catalog appear with the seal Lidl award-winning qualityas you can see in the image below.

lidl award winning quality

This seal means that the product has been selected for its excellent value for money and usually have a large sales volume. This seal can be found in all the categories of the store and includes those products that come from the hand of brands that manufacture for Lidl, such as silvercrestbut also from other better-known brands, such as Asturian Milk Center. This seal is usually synonymous with a safe purchase. From cheese wedges to vacuum packing machinesthere is a large assortment with this recognition.

As a curiosity, the award Lidl chooses it himself, so it is the supermarket chain that is updating the catalog of products that deserve this Lidl award-winning Quality seal. From time to time products can enter and leave, so if you want to find those purchases that you will not regret, we recommend that you go looking at the company’s own website, where they have a section dedicated exclusively to these products. Here you can see all the names that currently have the seal Award winning quality. You can find them both in their online store and in physical supermarkets, so we invite you to take a walk through either of the two spaces to locate your next purchases.