Lidl egg cooker, a cheap and very practical gadget

cocedor de huevos de lidl.jpg
cocedor de huevos de lidl.jpg

Cooking eggs is one of the simplest tasks you can do in the kitchen. Nevertheless, Silvercrest has considered that not enough and that is why it has launched the new Lidl egg cooker. This is a small appliance just for lazy people.

Lidl Egg Cooker Features

With a power of 400 watts, this appliance has a plastic holder with capacity for 7 eggs. It has a small handle to make it easier to use and includes an electronic time control. It works connected to the electrical network through the included 80 cm cable. The dimensions of the appliance are 17.3 x 16.1 x 16.9 cm and its weight is 621 grams, including base, lid, measuring cup and egg tray.

The most interesting thing that we see in this product is that it allows us cook several eggs at the same time with different hardness levels. You can choose to be soft, medium or hard thanks to its rotary regulator. It includes a measuring cup with a shell perforator and has an acoustic signal to alert you when the process is finished.

The materials of this product are steel, silicone and plastic. The egg holder, measuring cup and lid can be washed in the dishwasher, the rest we recommend doing it by hand. It is available in color black or white.

Availability and price

If you like the idea, you can buy this Lidl egg cooker in your Online store for a price of just 9.99 euros. Worth? Anyone can really learn how to make eggs and it is a very simple and fast task. But we know that you are many lovers of these small appliances that can make your life even easier. This device is designed for all of you, although it is not essential, it is at least curious.

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