Lidl electric makeup brush cleaner


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Cleaning makeup brushes can become a nuisance and not do it well, due to ignorance. Happen to you? Today we present you the Lidl electric makeup brush cleanerwhich, under the seal of silvercrestoffers us a comfortable and economical option to always have the brushes in perfect condition, very clean and ready to use them again.

Lidl Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner Features

This product has eight silicone mounts so we can clean brushes of different sizes. His rotary system favors that all the brushes can be cleaned and dried well, without leaving traces of dirt or leaving them wet. In addition, since there is water at stake, it has a protection against jets IPX4.

It also incorporates an on/off switch, a splash ring, a storage bracket and a cleaning container. It works with two AAA LR03 batteries. The dimensions of this new product are 16 x 3 x 3.1cm and its weight is 76 grams.

It is, without a doubt, a very easy-to-use, very hygienic and cheap gadget, which will go great both on your dressing table and in the bathroom. You decide where you want to use it and place it.

electric makeup brush cleaner

Availability and price

If you want to buy this electric makeup brush cleaner from Lidl, you have it available at Our online store for a price of €10.99. For now, it is only available online and we have no news of its next arrival in stores.

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