Lidl electric pastry gun, for those with a sweet tooth

lidl electric pastry gun, for those with a sweet tooth
lidl electric pastry gun, for those with a sweet tooth

The supply of small appliances is almost endless. Today we show you another product that will attract a lot of attention if you are one of those who enjoy these curious devices. This is Lidl’s electric pastry gun , which comes ready to make the task of preparing dessert at home easier.

Technical characteristics of the Lidl electric pastry gun

You know what they say: save room for dessert. With this Lidl electric pastry gun it will be much easier for you to prepare it at home. From the hand of  Silvercrest comes this practical accessory to prepare perfectly shaped pastries or cookies. It has a power of  28 W and comes with  15 accessories (12 discs and 3 nozzles). In this way, our elaborations can have different shapes and motifs, at the touch of a button. It is very easy to use.

It measures  37.2 cm x ⌀ 8.65 cm and allows you to work up to  310 grams of dough in each round. The weight of the device, without accessories, is  420 grams . It has a vertical cylindrical shape, similar to that of a dough mixer, and has a single button on the top, so we will not have to spend hours learning how it works. Simply introduce the previously prepared dough into the appliance, close it tightly, turning the lid so that it is on the part of the closed padlock that is drawn and press the button. Nothing more.

Lidl 2 Electric Pastry Gun

Availability and price

If this Lidl electric pastry gun catches your attention, you have it available in the  Lidl online store for a price of  19.99 euros .

And if you like to prepare desserts, another small appliance that can solve your life is the Lidl rotating waffle maker .