Lidl espresso machine – nice and cheap, good too?

cafetera expresso azul 2.jpg
cafetera expresso azul 2.jpg

The world of coffee makers is an art. The most gourmets can have the most advanced at home, such as Melitta Advances, while others prefer the variety of flavors of the capsules. Halfway between one and the other you have other models like this Lidl espresso machine, which not only stands out for its retro design, but also for its good functionalities. Let’s get to know it!

Features of the new Lidl and Silvercrest espresso machine

From the hand of Silvercrest this Lidl espresso machine arrives with adjustable nozzle and high pressure steam. It allows both the output of Hot water As the milk frother. Achieves 15 bar pressure and a power of 1,050 W and it promises coffees with a good aroma and creaminess. Have two filters so you can prepare 1 or 2 cups and the water tank has a capacity of 1.2 liters. It is removable so that it is easier for you to prepare the coffees and clean it when you need it.

Also incorporates pilot lights and has auto power off, in case you are a little clueless and you forget to turn it off before leaving home. It is also worth noting that the grid and drip tray are removable. As a curiosity, it comes with a coffee measuring spoon that also acts as a presser.

If you already want to make room for it in your kitchen, take these measurements: 34.3 x 23.0 x 30 cm. The total weight is 3 kg.

Availability and price of the Silvercrest coffee maker with retro design

If you like this coffee maker, you will also like its price. You have it available in the Lidl online store by 64.99 euros. For now, we have only seen it in a single color, a mint blue, very modern and with a retro air at the same time, which will give a touch of design to your kitchen.