Lidl facial cleansing brush: the new essential for your daily cleansing


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Taking care of the skin is essential. Even if sometimes we get lazy or think that creams do nothing, you are wrong. The facial care or skin care It is one of the best gestures to achieve clean skin, free of acne and blemishes and less prone to wrinkles, blemishes, bags … Obviously this is not everything, since genetics, diet and the passage of time greatly influence , of course, they take their toll on all of us. But a good facial routine is going to help you much more than you think. Therefore, today we are talking about Lidl facial cleansing brush, a small, cheap and very useful device.

Features of the Lidl facial cleansing brush

It comes from the hand of the brand Silvercrest, with measurements of 74 x 31 x 108 cm and a weight of 97 grams. This easy brush features eight intensity levels that stimulate the skin and penetrate it through vibrations, to achieve a more thorough cleaning than we would achieve only with a cotton pad or even with our hands.

Have two faces, one with thick silicone dots designed for oily skin and the other with fine dots for normal or delicate skin. Has function three in one: exfoliate, cleanse and massage. It is suitable for all skin types and waterproof (IPX6), so you can use it even in the shower. It has a battery of 450 mAh so that the cable is no problem.

Availability and price

You can buy it in the Lidl online store for a price of 12.99 euros. For now it is only available online, yes, you have it in two colors, blue or pink, you can select the color that you like the most when making the purchase.

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