Lidl fine grater, the most comfortable grater for your kitchen

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lidl fine grater

raters can be an ideal addition to your kitchen. It is one of the first accessories that are usually bought, and yet it is not always used as much as we expected. Let us tell you why this might happen to you. Maybe you haven’t chosen the right grater for you. Some are too big and difficult to handle and clean, others do not have the most suitable thickness for the food you want to prepare… In this line, today we recommend you take a look at the Lidl fine grater , available in four different models for that your elaborations have different endings.

Technical characteristics of the Lidl fine grater

As we were saying, it is available in  four models , so you can choose what type of zest you are most interested in at any given time, depending on the finish you want to achieve or the type of food you have in hand. They have  a non-slip colored handle (grey, pink, teal or black) and dimensions of  39 x 3.6 x 2.3 cm if you opt for the slim model or  30.7 x 6.7 x 2.4 cm whether to choose the thick model.

Lidl fine grater

The quality is guaranteed, since it comes from the hand of the Ernesto label  , and despite being a very cheap product, it is also very durable and offers many possibilities in your kitchen for a very low price.

Availability and price

You can already find it in the  Lidl online store , in four different formats that each offer a different grating. This fine grater from Lidl is priced at  3.49 euros , and allows us to make strips or shavings of very diverse foods such as cheese, carrots, etc.

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