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Lidl gourmet kitchen torch, what are you going to do with it?

soplete de cocina gourmet de lidl copia.jpg
soplete de cocina gourmet de lidl copia.jpg

Today we present you a gadget for the kitchen that will be super interesting whether you want it for yourself or if you want to surprise with an original and practical gift. We talk about Lidl gourmet kitchen torch, which you can get much more out of than you imagine and at a super cheap price. Do you want to know it? Let’s go there!

Lidl Gourmet Cooking Torch Features

This little gadget for the kitchen offers us the possibility of caramelize, flambé or gratin in a super simple way and in just a few seconds. The most interesting thing that we can highlight about him is that he has continuous flame regulation, so you can cook just the point you need. In addition, it is quite stable thanks to its foot stand and also has a safe piezoelectric ignition to avoid unwanted accidents.

The measurements of the can are 4 x 16.1 x 4 cm with a weight of 55 grams, while the torch measurements are 16.1 x 13.1 x 6.9 cm with a weight of 216.8 grams. The materials used are metal and plastic for the torch and aluminum and plastic for the can.

In addition, it includes a 100ml refillable gas bottle so you can start using it from the moment you receive it.

Availability and price

If you want to buy this gourmet kitchen torch from Lidl, you can find it now for 14.99 euros on the Lidl online store. In addition, as of December 9 You will also have it available in physical stores for a limited time, so if you prefer to buy it in person, we recommend that you go the same day to avoid running out.

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