Lidl LED makeup mirror – the accessory you need

espejo de maquillaje de lidl 2.jpg
espejo de maquillaje de lidl 2.jpg

We don’t have to tell you, I’m sure you already know: having good lighting is essential for almost anything, right? And one of those things in which it is important that we see well is when it comes to taking care of our personal appearance: makeup, waxing, hairstyle … A good light can make a difference. Therefore, today we want to talk to you about Lidl LED makeup mirror that we can already buy online and that it has a super cheap price.

Lidl LED Makeup Mirror Features

Lidl tells us through its online store that it is one of its star products, and it is no wonder. It complies with the three B’s and is one of those purchases that we know will last us for years and years. This Lidl LED makeup mirror has folding side wings with LED lights so that we can put them in the position we want and thus have different angles of our face in view.

It works with batteries (four AAA batteries are included) and is available in two colors: black and white. We can regulate the intensity of the light in two positions, as well as the zoom, also available in 2x and 5x. The light offered by its 21 LED bulbs is clear, the ideal one for makeup to be perfect. In addition, it has a non-slip base so that it does not move and always remains fixed wherever we place it.

The measurements are as follows: in the central part it measures 16.2 x 23.5 cm, In the left side 7.8 x 11.6 cm and on the right side 7.8 x 23.5 cm. The total weight is 845 grams.

Availability and price

Were you looking for something similar to this? You have it available in the Lidl online store for a price of 16.99 euros. And if we talk about top accessories for your beauty, you can’t miss this one either. Lidl facial cleansing brush.