Lidl mini fridge for drinks, your best ally in summer

lidl mini fridge for drinks, your best ally in summer
lidl mini fridge for drinks, your best ally in summer

To survive a heat wave, nothing like a good air conditioning system, cold drinks and light clothing. For the second, today we bring you an idea that can help you always have your drink cold, with an appliance that takes up minimal space. This is the mini fridge for drinks from Lidl , a model that you can have on your terrace, your garden, your game room or your bedroom.

Technical characteristics of the Lidl mini fridge for drinks

This small appliance stands out, at first, precisely because of its small size, which will help us to be able to place it wherever we need without space being a problem. It has dimensions of  43 x 51 x 47 cm  and a weight of  16.7 kg . To see the interior without major problems and not have to constantly open the door (with the consequent loss of cold that this entails), it has a  glass door .

lidl small beverage fridge

It also has height-adjustable legs and a mesh shelf . Its interior, with a total capacity of 48 litres , gives us space for these combinations:

  • 60 cans of 0.25 l.
  • 40 cans of 0.33 l.
  • 40 cans of 0.5 l.
  • 19 bottles of 0.5 l.
  • 39 bottles of 0.33 l.

Its energy efficiency level is  F , the noise level remains at  39 dB and the temperature range that can be set is  0ºC-10ºC .

Availability and price

If you were looking for a small appliance with these characteristics, you can buy it in the  Lidl online store for a price of  154.99 euros . It is true that it is not entirely cheap and that for a little more you can buy a traditional refrigerator if you aim for a low range, but precisely its reason for being is that it is based on being different from what other manufacturers offer us.

If you want to look at other small models, here we leave you the review of the characteristics of the TILLREDA, the Ikea mini refrigerator.