Lidl mini sealer, very soon in physical stores

mini selladora de lidl 4.jpg
mini selladora de lidl 4.jpg

If you like to buy the latest Lidl news in small appliances and other gadgets for the home, today we are talking about a very cheap device that is about to reach physical stores, in case you prefer to buy in a traditional way. We talk about the Lidl mini sealer a product that you can get a lot out of.

Technical characteristics of the Lidl mini sealer

This mini sealer from Lidl stands out first of all for its compact size. With measures of just 10x4x4cm and a weight of 68 grams (without batteries), allows us to keep our food fresh for longer thanks to the fact that we can store it in perfectly sealed bags. It includes magnets on the back and a protective bow to make it easier and safer to use. Also, it comes with a integrated blade To open the bags we have already sealed.+

Lidl mini sealer

It is valid for bags between 0.05 and 0.2 mm thick and it works with two AA batteries. For its price and the little space it occupies, it is well worth having this device at home so that you can extend the life of your food and preserve it more safely.

Availability and price

You have it available at Lidl online store for a price of only €5.99. In addition, we already know that it will also be available in physical stores from May 2, 2022, so if it has caught your attention and you prefer to buy it physically to be able to see it in person and save shipping costs, do not miss the opportunity. It’s time to get up early and wait for the stores to open, it will sell out fast!

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