Lidl smart lighting, ceiling lamp and an LED spotlight

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Iluminacion Inteligente Lidl.jpg

Some interesting and inexpensive smart lighting products arrive Lidl. The well-known supermarket chain incorporates on its shelves a ceiling lamp and a LED spotlight with motion sensors, which beyond helping to have a better environment in selected parts of the home, allow energy savings when there are no people nearby.

Lidl smart lighting, cheap and functional

TO Lidl new products are arriving designed to integrate into the connected home. This strengthens its strategy of offering an ecosystem for the smart home with different devices at an affordable price. To its incipient catalog adds a ceiling lamp and a LED spotlight. Both devices are priced at 19.99 euros, and can be installed both in interiors like in outside, well they have IP certification.

Smart ceiling or wall lamp

The smart wall and ceiling light from Lidl It is a model with a type light LED from 10 watts power. This product integrates a motion sensor with 360 ° coverage. The lamp turns on only when it detects a presence moving around it, turning off when no one is nearby. The sensor has five levels of regulation.

It allows to regulate the ignition time in six sections: between 5 seconds and 30 minutes. You cannot regulate the intensity of the light. Has protection IP44, which means that it resists splashing water.

LED spotlight with motion sensor

The spotlight has a lighting system based on LED dots which includes a motion sensor. Offers a power of 20 watts, and its light tone is about 6500K, equivalent to a cool white.

Smart lighting Lidl LED spotlight

Lidl LED Spotlight includes remote control

The motion sensor is adjustable in hour Y darkness, and has a coverage angle of 160 °. Has certification IP65, so it withstands inclement weather. The time it remains on is adjustable in twelve levels ranging from 5 seconds to 24 hours.

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