Lidl steam brush: to iron your clothes even on vacation

cepillo de vapor de lidl.jpg
cepillo de vapor de lidl.jpg

Talking about ironing clothes on vacation doesn’t sound good at all, we know. But, even if you try to turn a blind eye, although it is also necessary. That shirt for the wedding to which you have moved, that Ibiza dress for summer nights … There are some cases in which you wish you had an iron nearby. For this reason, this summer the Lidl steam brush, a kind of vertical iron that promises to remove wrinkles from your clothes when you take them out of the suitcase.

Lidl steam brush features

This steam brush has a removable 250 ml water tank and a power of 1,300W. Incorporates a indicator light so you know when it is in operation or in the warm-up phase, as well as a auto power off function which disconnects the machine after fifteen minutes in standby mode. Its measurements are 12.2 x 13.3 x 27.6 cm and its cable has a length of 2.2 meters. The weight is 890 grams and is available in color Gray and also in color pink. As an extra, it includes a accessory for thicker fabrics.

But the fact of the matter is: does it work well? Do not fool yourself: not a perfect iron. These types of appliances are still quite in their diapers, so don’t expect a shirt that has arrived in a rag to be perfect. It is a good option to iron a few garments, in a timely manner, if you don’t need perfect results. But don’t expect it to be the panacea and that your laundry from now on will be much easier. For day to day, an ironing center is still much better, such as the Rowenta DG8962F0.

Availability and price

You have it available in the Lidl online store for a price of 24.99 euros. For now, it is not available in physical stores, although remember to be very attentive to the novelties that arrive each week, to see if at some point they incorporate it into the newcomers catalog.