Lidl table circular saw: 2000 W of power and very useful

sierra circular de mesa de lidl 2000 w.jpg
sierra circular de mesa de lidl 2000 w.jpg

Handyman in sight? Do not miss this product that we have found in the catalog of DIY by Lidl. It’s about the 2000W Lidl Table Circular Saw, which will allow you to make precise cuts in a multitude of materials (plastics, wood, chipboards, coated boards …).

Features of the Lidl table circular saw

We are facing a model with a power of 2000 W and what does it offer two adjustable saw blade speeds (3200 rpm / 5000 rpm), so they will adapt very well to almost any material. Use a system laser to preview cut lines and a continuously inclined saw blade. In addition, it has an angle stop and parallel stop for a fast block, all this is not only safer, but also makes the saw more precise.

The miter angle is between -60º and + 60º and the maximum cutting height is 85 mm. It also has two Ø 254 mm (24 and 48 teeth) carbide saw blades. Measurements are 100.5 x 93.5 x 106.00 cm and the weight of 29.64 kg. The frame is made of steel, the feet are made of rubber and it comes with a connection to suck up the dust. The length of the cable, meanwhile, is 3 meters.

Finally, it should be noted that it includes a on / off switch with protection to avoid accidents.

Availability and price

If you want to get it, you have it already available in the Lidl online store, for a price of 134.99 euros. In this case, it is a purchase that you should think quite well and it is focused on a very specific audience. You will need to have space at home (preferably a garage or workshop) to have this type of work table, and its price is well worth thinking about it a couple of times so that you can see if you are really going to use it frequently or not. .