Lidl’s wheeled barbecue reaches physical stores

barbacoa con ruedas de lidl.jpg
barbacoa con ruedas de lidl.jpg

Every time a new appliance hits Lidl’s physical stores, it’s not uncommon to see huge lines waiting for them to open. The temporary nature of these sales and their low prices achieve this effect called that empties the shelves, in many cases, in just a few minutes. So that you do not miss the next news, today we talk about this barbecue on wheels by Lidl that lands in stores in the next few days. And if you don’t feel like traveling, you can buy it online with a discount.

Characteristics of the Lidl barbecue on wheels

It is light, resistant and stable. The Grillmaster barbecue on wheels comes with a chrome finish, removable handles, five-height adjustment and a lacquered sheet steel frame. Its side table will allow you to prepare your meals comfortably, being able to place in that area the food that you want to go through the barbecue or the dishes once they have already been cooked. It is 70-85 cm high and its two wheels allow you to move it around your terrace or garden with total comfort. At the bottom there is an additional plywood shelf.

The volume of the deposit for coal is one kilo and has a wind screen. Its weight is 6.25 kg, the cooking surface is 28.5 x 48.5 cm, while its overall dimensions are 84 x 45 x 86 cm. It fits? Get out the subway and check it out.

Availability and price of the basic Grillmeister barbecue

Although Lidl has several barbecues, this is one of the most popular for its low price. The Lidl Wheeled Barbecue has a regular retail price of 24.99 eurosbut now you can find it online with a 20% discount, that is, it stays in 19.99 euros. If you are one of those who prefer to buy physically, hits stores July 1, 2021. If you want to get hold of her, you know, it’s time to get up early.

And as you go, remember that this supermarket has many more very interesting appliances for your garden, such as the Lidl ice cube maker.