Liebherr SmartDevice, the application for connecting devices to the network

liebherr smartdevice.jpg
liebherr smartdevice.jpg

SmartDevice from Liebherr is a technology, developed by the well-known company, so that the consumer can control your appliances with complete flexibility. Thanks to her it is possible, for example, set the refrigerator or freezer temperature; or receive alerts Y reminders filter change. All you need to get started is a compatible appliance with SmartDevice, a SmartDeviceBox and download the app from Liebherr.

Liebherr SmartDevice, total appliance control

Liebherr, a brand specialized worldwide in the manufacture of top quality refrigerators and freezers, has been in charge of developing the technology SmartDevice. This advance allows you to connect the devices of Liebherr to wireless network, to be able to control household appliances at any time and from anywhere.

More details of the application

With technology SmartDevice we have the basis to integrate the refrigerator and / or freezer in a smart home. As we have advanced at the beginning, in order to connect the devices to the network, they must first include a SmartDeviceBox, which can be purchased at the official sales points of Liebherr.


Once this accessory is installed in one of its compatible models, through the application SmartDevice, available for free for ios Y Android, the user can connect from anywhere, receive alerts and reminders and have access to different functions of the equipment.

App features

With technology SmartDevice it is possible, among other functions, to control the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer; turn the IceMaker on and / or off; regulate the lighting in the wine section during off-peak hours; or receive an alert message in case one of the doors has been left open by mistake.

Liebherr SmartDevice

Liebherr SmartDevice

Also, thanks to the application, daily maintenance operations are simplified. And it is that the user can request to receive alerts and reminders to change the filter. It is even possible to save on electricity by lowering the temperature of the devices at night, from anywhere. Without forgetting that the application SmartDevice it’s compatible with Alexa me Google Assistant, besides being very intuitive and easy to use.

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