Lift Contour Face & Eye Global Care, Rowenta facial massager

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Lift Contour Face & Eye Global Care is the new firming facial massager from Rowenta. A product that the company launches hand in hand with Natalia de la Vega, soul and founder of Tacha Beauty. This device offers clinically proven anti-aging skin care.

Lift Contour Face & Eye Global Care, delicate moments of relaxation

The brand Rowenta has always advocated the motto that beauty comes from within. In that sense, the company has presented its new firming massager for the face Lift Contour, framed on the line My Beauty Routine manufacturer.

About the massager

For the development of the product there has been a collaboration that unites professionalism, technology Y experience. The result is a device capable of creating a global beauty ritual that visibly combats the signs of aging.

Lift Contour Face & Eye Global Care

The firming massager for the face Lift Contour Face & Eye Global Care is inspired by the techniques of aesthetic professionals to rejuvenate the skin and awaken in it a new beauty. The efficacy of the device, which has been clinically proven, achieves four anti-aging benefits: radiant skin, luminous, firm and with a uniform tone on face and eyes Thank you to your two massage heads.

More product detail

The massager produces an immediate effect of radiant and rested skin. Some visible results that are obtained immediately after the first use, which include a brighter skin, reduced pores Y elimination of signs of fatigue.

Lift Contour Face & Eye Global Care

The device exerts a gentle pressure to drain the skin and reduce swelling. It also performs a light massage to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and increase firmness. It is also very Easy to use. Dispose of three modes: Handbook, which allows you to carry out the beauty routine focusing on the areas that are most interesting to improve; automatic, which works for 3 minutes and vibrates to warn that it is time to change sides; and mode Boost, which increases speed and produces the most immediate results.

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