LitePulse: Can you imagine lighting a lamp with just water and salt?

litepulse can you imagine lighting a lamp with just water.jpg
litepulse can you imagine lighting a lamp with just water.jpg

Very interesting things can be found on crowdfunding platforms. Today we are talking about one of them, the LitePulse lamp which has become fashionable thanks to the disproportionate electricity price. Will we get to the point of trying to generate light with just salt? This is perhaps too exaggerated, but, for those who want it, there is already an option.

Features of LitePulse

We are dealing with a lamp that does not need electricity to recharge its battery. For it to work, we have to use water and salt in a glass, mix it and add it to the gadget itself. As a curiosity, it is not necessary to use clean water, almost any liquid will serve us, from soy sauce to our own urine. More sustainable, impossible. With the combination of water and salt in the aluminum plate that contains this device, a chemical reaction is created that is responsible for generating this electricity. This plate has a useful life of about 150 hours of use.


In addition, we can choose between three intensities of light and comes with a hook to hang it close to us if we need this auxiliary light source for a certain task in which we need a direct light source.

As a bonus, it also comes with a Usb connector so that we can charge the mobile In a direct way. This is also interesting since if we are stuck in the middle of nowhere, it can be very helpful to have this charging station at hand.

Availability and price

It doesn’t seem like it’s going to become the definitive solution to stop going bankrupt every time the electricity bill arrives, but it’s a good option to keep as an emergency light. Its price is 40 euros and is available in makuakea Japanese crowdfunding platform, where they have already raised more than 300% of their initial goal.