Little Signals, this is the new Google notifications for the home

little signals 3 1024x576.jpg
little signals 3 1024x576.jpg

The excess of notifications with which we live can sometimes become somewhat overwhelming. In fact, it is becoming more and more common to see that many users (including myself) have all notifications disabled to avoid interruptions at all times. In the framework of Smart Home this can become even worse, since it can break our calm at home. To fight this Google just introduced Little Signalsa very interesting project that we will talk about next.

What is Google’s Little Signals

It is a new way to manage notifications, with a much more subtle result and integrated into the calm of the home. We will not receive acoustic warnings or vibrations, in exchange, we will have these six objects (initially) to alert us to warnings that we should be aware of.

little signals

Air: It is a small device that emits a current of air to attract attention. Place it, for example, next to a plant and when you see its leaves move, you will know that a notification is coming.

Button: This is another device that what it does is rotate the upper part and push it down, like a button, at a smooth rhythm.

Movement: This little gadget is made up of seven small cylinders that rise and fall rhythmically.

Rhythm: This gadget works like a wave, separating the upper part from the lower part.

Shadow: In this case, a small shadow will be generated around the object to alert us to the warnings.

Tap: In this device small sounds are created by pressure changes.

These are the new ways to generate notifications and integrate them into the home, in a much calmer and less intrusive way. We will see over time if they are finally successful or if they remain a good idea that does not succeed.

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