Magic eraser, does the magic sponge clean walls do any good?

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borrador magico.jpg

Spotless walls last a day … and sometimes not even that. It is not necessary to have children at home so that little by little they get dirty, either by small frictions, or by a simple mosquito that lands on them and spoils them. Of course there are also accidents: a little coffee there, some wine there … The result is that keeping the walls clean and perfect is almost mission impossible. If they are white, the spots are even more noticeable, therefore, products such as the famous magic sponge or magic eraser they are very popular. But do they really work?

What is the magic wall eraser

There are many models on the market but they all work in a very similar way. It is a small white sponge with little circles that promises to erase the stains from the walls. Its operation is similar to that of a eraser the kind we used when we went to school.

How to use the magic sponge

Its use is very simple. You only have to wet it, drain it to remove excess water and rub the walls with it. It is designed for small stains, so do not think that with it you are going to clean the entire wall. Use it only in small areas. To see if your type of paint supports this product well, we recommend that you test first on a small piece that is not well visible. Let it dry and see if it looks good.

Does the magic eraser work?

It is not magic, nor is it miraculous. It’s not perfect, far from it. But if you have small spots on the wall that look quite brown, the truth is that the result is quite interesting. It will not leave the wall perfectly white, but it does help you make the stain look less.

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