Maintaining a swimming pool with solar energy

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como hacer el mantenimiento de una piscina con energia solar.jpg

When summer arrives there is no better way to cool off and enjoy the sun than the pool, but if you are the owner of one or are in charge of the care of the swimming pool of a residential complex, you will know how arduous the work of maintenance and cleaning can be. Of the same. Normally for maintenance and purification we use a pump, but this method can have a great impact on our electricity tariff, especially after the increase in electricity in mid-2021 here in Spain. But Did you know that you can replace dependence on the electricity grid with solar panels? Yes, solar energy has many applications and this time we will briefly illustrate how to maintain a swimming pool with solar energy.

As we have mentioned on other occasions, solar energy is becoming more and more present every day, and a solar treatment plant is just another of the applications of this technology. In this sense, a solar treatment plant has the same logic as an electric pool pump, minus the electricity part, of course. Instead, the hydraulic pump is powered by solar panels normally installed on the roof and uses the captured photovoltaic energy to heat the water.

How does the maintenance of a swimming pool with solar energy work?

As mentioned above, the principle is the same, with the difference that we will need a solar kit for pool purification, but fortunately today there are trusted providers for them.

That said, a solar powered pump It starts up during the morning and progressively gains strength until noon., where it reaches its peak. As the sun goes down, the power decreases. As a consequence, the sewage pump provides us with 7 or 8 hours of full operation during the summer. Meanwhile, in the winter we can wait 5 or 6 hours depending on the weather.

Obviously there are drawbacks to maintaining a solar powered pool; including the uptime and initial investment of acquiring the solar scrubber kit, but the benefits outweigh the cons, especially when it comes to save on electricity consumption (long-term).

Another notable advantage, in addition to cutting dependence on electricity or fuel (in the case of generators), is the possibility of using the treatment plant in remote or rural areas, as well as the low maintenance cost of this solution, how quiet it is and the fact that we contribute to the environment by using a clean energy source.

Solar kit for pool purification

With all this in mind, we can already begin to contemplate the acquisition of a kit for maintenance of a pool with solar energy, which is made up of 5 elements or 4 if we already have the hydraulic pump in possession.

In this sense, we will need the solar panels With their respective support structures, as well as protections and wiring, a Variable frequency drive, or the acronym AFD and the aforementioned hydraulic pump.

Solar kit for pool purification

Some 4 or 5 solar panels may be enough for a small installation, but other additional elements must be taken into account, such as the type of power supply of the pump, since depending on it we will have to choose a specific variator model.

For our peace of mind, you can buy maintenance kits for a pool with solar energy that already have all this in mind, so we will only have to choose one based on the cubic meters that our pool occupies.