Make coffee with your eyes, the new IRISBOND technology

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cafe irisbond.jpg

The super automatic coffee makers, as the DeLonghi ECAM 22.110 B, they make your coffee at the push of a button. But, now, the Spanish company IRISBOND goes one step further and has developed a eye tracking technology so you can make a coffee with your eyes, just by looking at the machine. Sound like science fiction? Well, you will be surprised to know that it is already a reality and is fully operational.

How do coffee machines that allow you to make coffee with your eyes work?

The Spanish company IRISBOND has summoned us to the media in the framework of the Mobile World Congress 2021 that will be held in just ten days in Barcelona. There, they will present their innovative eye-tracking technology, already incorporated into a Azkoyen automatic coffee machine and what allows make a coffee with your eyes, that is to say, only looking at the machine thanks to the sensors equipped in it that detect the position in which the eyes stop.

This emphasizes the virtues of 100% touchless or contactless technology, especially in these moments of covid that we are living. At the moment, they have not explained to us how exactly this technology works, but it is expected that sooner or later it will be available, in a first phase, in areas where the coffee machine is shared, such as offices or airport waiting rooms. , places where this type of contactless technology is more interesting.

The eye tracking It is already used in other areas and consists of a sensor that detects where the user’s eyes are looking so that their gaze functions as a “push button”.

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