Mambo 10090, connect with your inner chef

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Mambo 10090.jpg

The Spanish company Cecotec is very famous for its popular Conga robot vacuum cleaners, but many do not know that within its catalog there are other products as interesting as the Mambo 10090. East multifunction kitchen robot was born with the aspiration to compete face to face with the Thermomix. The Cecotec Mambo 10090 It is a major upgrade from its predecessors as it incorporates numerous enhancements including an integrated scale, the innovative MamboMix spoon and a 3.3 liter stainless steel dishwasher safe jug. Although the most remarkable thing is that You can manage it from your mobile with an application developed by the manufacturer itself.

Mambo 10090, with touch panel digital display

Now you can go looking for a suitable space for this Cecotec appliance which is not one of the smallest. It also weighs around 5 kilos. Therefore, it is not convenient to be changing it often. The device comes in black, with some accessories in a silver tone that combines very well. In addition there is made of very good quality materials, including stainless steel. Which means that it is prepared so that with minimal care it will last us many years. Not missing a generous digital display with touch control panel, which we will be able to handle intuitively.

This Cecotec food processor has a generous digital display with a touch control panel.

Havana stainless steel jug

The Mambo 10090 is accompanied by a special stainless steel jug, which they have called Jarra Habana, which can literally handle almost anything. And it is not only useful when assembling or crushing, but it even serves to crush ice. This container also has a type of ceramic coating with non-stick properties, which is ideal to use when preparing recipes with foods that require greater delicacy. The great thing about this jug is that it is waterproof, and therefore you can put it in the dishwasher (removing the blades before) to wash it along with all the dishes.

Enjoy the exclusive MamboMix spoon

This Cecotec Mambo 10090 brings a good number of accessories, among which the exclusive MamboMix kneading spoon stands out., which by not cutting the dough achieves that it acquires a greater volume and is much more homogeneous. It perfectly complements the SlowMambo movement, which will give us the opportunity to cook at a low temperature, while stirring slowly with this spoon in the traditional way. This model also brings a boil basket, which together with the jug and the steamer on two levels, it will allow you to carry out 4 meals at the same time, saving time and effort.

Integrated scale and zero speed

It has to be said that This Cecotec kitchen robot has a high precision scale built into the jug, which weighs exact amounts, so you can achieve the best dishes. This is a great advantage, because you will not have to spend money to buy other devices apart. One of the functions that has attracted the most attention is the one baptized as “Zero speed”. What does this mean? Well, you will be able to boil, cook or fry, without having to put speed, as if you were doing it with a pan or a pot of a lifetime. Equally you can cook without a lid, so that you can control the food preparation at all times.

More than 30 functions at your disposal

Mambo 10090, functions

The Cecotec Mambo 10090 has more than 30 functions.

With the Mambo 10090 You have at your disposal all the functions that can be expected in any quality kitchen robot worth its salt. There are more than 30 functions with turbo included. Apart from those that we have already seen, you can also grind, pulverize, confit or cook in a water bath, among many others. His powerful 1700W dual gear motor that transmits all the force to the blades, in addition to making the most of both high and low speeds.

Fully customizable

The Cecotec Mambo 10090 has 10 speeds and a handy timer that can be set from 1 second to 12 hours. Also the temperature can be regulated degree by degree, from 37º Celsius to 120º C. This robot has been equipped with a intelligent heat output system with up to ten levels, which tries to “simulate” a traditional fire with 3 different types of flame: soft, medium and strong. This prevents food from sticking or burning.

A not inconsiderable “arsenal” of accessories

The issue of accessories is not a factor to be overlooked. And in this one Mambo food processor even less, because the “arsenal” of extras is not negligible. For example, we have observed that It has a dosing cap with its corresponding safety closure, so that when you have to grind you do not get stained with the splashes. On the other hand, we see that the butterfly has a silicone reinforcement in its final part, so that you can scrape the bottom of the jar much better. As for the spatula, it is also covered in silicone so that you can easily remove all the contents of the jar and that you do not have anything left inside.

Mambo app and DIY manual system

Mambo 10090, Mambo app

You can control all the functions of the Mambo 10090 through an app developed by the manufacturer itself.

Install the Mambo application on your smartphone and prepare the recipes to your liking through the DIY manual system. You have hundreds of recipes available that can be managed from your mobile device and organized to prepare them at any time. You can also share them with family and friends, as well as access a dynamic social community, where you will find new recipes every week. In addition you can use different preset modes that come standard, and whose main function is to facilitate its use.

There are other cheaper but equally interesting models, such as the Cecotec Mambo 7090, which boasts a fairly good value for money.

Mambo 10090 Technical Specifications

Mambo 10090
Kind Multifunction
Screen Highly intuitive digital display with touch control panel
Materials Stainless steel, among others
Motor Dual gear – 1700W
Features 30
Speeds 10
Timer Adjustable from 1 second to 12 hours
Temperature Adjustable degree by degree from 37º C to 120º C
App Mambo
Contents Mambo food processor, MamboMix spoon, Havana jug with ceramic coating, Boiling basket, Butterfly, 2-level steamer, Spatula, Recipe book, Instruction manual

Availability and price of the Mambo 10090

  • Great value for the price
  • It is a very complete multifunction kitchen robot
  • You have access to countless recipes
  • You can make up to 4 meals at the same time
  • Comes with integrated scale
  • It has Security Check System, one of the most advanced security systems

  • The screen is not in color