Mc Haus ARTIC-12, video and opinions of this portable air conditioner

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mc haus artic 12, video and opinions of this portable air conditioner

As the years go by, the temperatures increase and every summer there are many families who feel hot. Many have already chosen to install air conditioners, but this entails a high cost if we want to have all the rooms in the house well acclimatized. Today we bring you the solution with one of the best portable air conditioners on the market, the Mc Haus ARTIC-12 . We already made a guide to find out what is the best of a best portable air conditioner . However, today we will talk about it again, updating the information a bit. What are the advantages of this type of models? This and other questions will be answered in this review, we will also give our humble opinion about this device.



Design features are key in a type of device that is portable and we must be constantly moving. In this sense, it is quite comfortable, first of all because despite having a high weight of 20 Kg , it has measurements that fit well in any space, with 30 x 30 x 70 cm . In addition, the design is vertical and has four wheels at the bottom that greatly facilitate the mobility of the Mc Haus Artic-12.

It must be admitted that the back of this air conditioner, where the filters and the different hook-ups to the tubes are located, is not the most attractive in the world, but it can always be placed so that the front part is visible, which simply has the hole where the air comes out Above we have the control panel with the different buttons, as well as the LED screen that stands out within the whole set. On the sides we find some small holes as handles to be able to lift the device from the ground more easily, since otherwise it would be very complicated since the material is quite slippery and shiny plastic.

McHaus Artic-12

The color selected by the firm is white, a tone that does not help much to go unnoticed and that we already know is usually something dirty. We would have liked a somewhat less striking tone and help to decorate the home. However, we understand the line that the brand has wanted to follow, being one more air conditioner that should stand out for what it is, an air conditioner and not a decorative object.

Brief installation and drainage guide

It is true that the installation should always be focused on a room that is not larger than 17 square meters, since its 1765 frigories could fall short in higher spaces. In addition, it is advisable to always have a window nearby to install the outlet pipe, which, being extendable up to 150 cm, makes it easy to expel hot air outside the house. In addition, when draining, the device itself stores the result of the condensation in a 360 ml tank and it is the device itself that warns you of the need to evacuate through a small tube that comes in the box.

McHaus Artic-12


Through the LED panel and the menu of buttons with touch sensitivity we can go oscillating between the different functions and modes that this air conditioner has. Although we can always choose to use the remote control, which not only greatly simplifies this task, but is also comfortable and intuitive.

Speaking of the modes, there are three main air conditioning formats that the Mc Haus Artic-12 has. The first is the Cool mode , which is basically the basic cooling mode that can be regulated as normal for the temperature that we want. We continue with the dehumidifier mode , a type of device that has become very fashionable and that we really like to have included in an air conditioner. Finally, the FAN mode , which is plain and simple a fan capable of moving air effectively.


It has some additions that stand out, such as the Sleep mode , a format that makes the 65 db of maximum sound pressure lower considerably. It is greatly appreciated, because if you have to put a defect on it, it is that it is not exactly a silent device. It also highlights the built-in timer to program its operation within 24 hours of the day. We need it to include certain technical advances such as a battery, also a heating mode, and even the possibility of controlling it through an App and the mobile phone. Even so, in general we are facing an air conditioner that performs very well in the functionality section.

Characteristics of the McHaus ARTIC-12

Brand Mc Haus
Model number art-12
Color White
product weight 20kg
product dimensions 30x30x70cm
Power 2050 watts
Auto power off Yes
number of speeds two
Energy efficiency A
Noise 65dB
Special features Control by remote control, timer, dehumidifier and fan mode, water storage tank, extractor tube extendable up to 150 cm, LED panel.

Availability and price of the Mc Haus ARTIC-12

In conclusion, this is an air conditioner that stands out for being versatile through its modes, comfortable through its design and effective thanks to its good power and cooling capacity. It has certain technical limitations, but it is logical if we take into account that it is a portable air conditioner. Missing aspects such as having a battery, or including a heating mode. However, the Mc Haus Artic-12 is a remarkable model, which is why we award it the Silver Award . The value for money is very good, being a very cheap device for everything it offers, so we recommend it without any doubt.

  • Very good value for money
  • comfortable design
  • Extensive functionalities
  • good power
  • Includes timer
  • Water tank
  • Its portable capacity
  • Somewhat high weight
  • Lack of heating mode
  • somewhat noisy