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He Meater Plus is an innovative device created to savor the best supermarket meat to the point. And it is that it is advanced smart and wireless thermometer Root out your food cooking problems so that from now on you are the real king of barbecue and roasts. We have been lucky enough to verify the benefits of the product courtesy of its manufacturer, Apption Labs. So we can only thank you for this confidence by inviting you to read our experience with modern kitchen probe. These are the incredible features of a device that will turn you into a grill master.

Meater Plus

Meater Plus is a wireless smart thermometer to cook food to the perfect point

Presentation and design of the Meater Plus

with the reference Meater Plus, Apption Labs offers you an exclusive smart wireless cooking thermometer. A device that helps you to obtain perfect results in elaborations of meat and fish.

Meater Plus

A cardboard packaging protects the product box

Meater Plus

We tear off the die-cut strip to extract the box where the kitchen probe awaits

The product arrives double wrapped, both simple in design, with a strong cardboard box protecting the authentic packaging.

Meater Plus

A minimalist presentation of the product that summarizes the simplicity of use of the device

Meater Plus

The back of the case is used to anticipate in a brief step by step the configuration of the thermometer

The content is summarized in a small manual; card with contact details of the manufacturer; the thermometer Meater Plus; and a listen load with stack included.

Meater Plus

A look at the package contents

Food Cooking Thermometer Design by Apption Labs

The Meater+ It is a simple probe made with top quality materials. The device is waterproof and easy to cleanbuilt with stainless steel and heat resistant ceramic. It has measurements of 13cm long by 6mm diameter.

Meater Plus

The probe is made of stainless steel and heat resistant ceramic

The base that accompanies the wireless thermometer Meater Plus It is an elegant and indispensable accessory. It is bamboo and the brand offers it in three finishes: Honey, Cherry and Brown sugar. Its dimensions are 15.7 x 3.7 x 2.8cm.

Meater Plus

The elegant support that functions as a charger in a honey-toned finish

The case has a button to check the battery level and a led of State. The back of the base has a cover that protects the battery compartment that powers the device. The lid attaches magnetically, and the base itself has magnets on the back to hold firmly to any metal surface.

Meater Plus

The battery holder and cover are magnetized

Meater Plus Technical Details

The cooking thermometer Meater Plus carries out its work with precision by having a pair of sensors that allow you to control at all times the internal food temperature in a range of up to 100ºC and the outdoor up to 275ºC. This is used to forecast, in real time, the interval necessary to reach that desired cooking point in your preparation.

Meater Plus

The notch on the probe indicates how far you should insert the thermometer into the food (at least 6.5cm)

The temperature data recorded by the probe Meater+ come to you smartphone thanks to technology Bluetooth 4.0. For its wireless operation, the thermometer has a rechargeable battery capable of withstanding more than 24 hours of cooking. Recharging is done by attaching the probe to the included support, which with its simple AAA battery promise to replace it up to 100 times. This base has the advantage of extended reachwhich goes from the 10 meters of the standard model to 50 meters in the reference Plus.

Meater+ Operation

the thermometer Apption Labs is a device intelligent at the expense of an app that complements the sonar. So the first thing you should do, after letting the internal battery of the thermometer is charged during four hours at its base, is to synchronize the probe with your smartphone Android either Manzana. To do this you must install the application MEATERfree in the store apps from your terminal, and follow the simple steps indicated on the screen.

Meater App

The Meater app guides you through the pairing process with the mobile and the use of the thermometer

Meater Plus

The Meater app has a clean design and a simple and intuitive interface

the app is great in its simplicity. The interface has the essential controls to manage the thermometer and learn to use it. It allows you add devices either consult previous cooking. Of course, it gives you access to the settings so that you can modify options at your discretion.

Meater Plus

Links to how-to videos cooking with the wireless Meater+ probe

Meater Plus

Your barbecue, barbecue or dinner with guests, juicy and to the point with the simplicity of a touch of the screen

What makes this device essential kitchen toolis the ease with which it allows you get the best results in your preparations. You will only have to dial in the apps meater a minimum feed conditions What are you going to cook? indicate the cooking point to your liking. Et voila! To calmly wait for this digital kitchen helper to notify you that the food is ready to remove from the heat.

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Meater Plus Technical Specifications

In the following table we detail all the characteristics of the wireless probe Meater+:

Meater Plus
Probe design (thermometer)
Dimensions 130mm (length) x 6mm (diameter)
Color Metal / Black
Material Stainless steel and heat resistant ceramic
Stand/Charger Design
Dimensions 157mm (length) x 37mm (width) x 28mm (height)
  • Honey
  • Cherry
  • Brown sugar
Material Bamboo
Others magnetic back
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Guided cooking system
Probe Specifications
wireless technology Bluetooth 4.0 with a range of 50 meters
number of sensors 2
  • Internal: 100ºC max. (+/- 0.5°C)
  • Environment: 275ºC
Battery autonomy More than 24 hours of continuous cooking
Loading time 4 hours
Charging Base Specifications
Battery A AAA battery
Ability Recharges up to 100 times the probe
Indicators status LEDs
Button battery check
Application MEATER for iOS 10.3 / Android 5.0 and higher
app functions
  • cooking guide
  • alerts
  • cooking estimate
  • multiple monitoring
Box contents
  • Meater+ probe
  • charging dock
  • AAA battery
  • User manual

Conclusions about the Meater Plus smart thermometer

He Meater+ is a device practical and useful that makes life easier to any technological kitchens. By the time you check your ease of use and the fantastic results what do you achieve in meat or fish opens before you a new universe of juicinessthe one that your palate and that of your diners have always dreamed of tasting.

Meater Plus

With Meater Plus your recipes get the point you’ve always wanted to delight all diners

He optimum cooking point that makes it easier to reach Meater Plusand achieves adjust to the taste of each dinermakes barbecues, barbecues and roasts reach the degree of the sublime. This is why the product undoubtedly deserves our gold award.

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  • Quality design, elegant and careful.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Long autonomy.
  • Fantastic kitchen help.

  • High price.

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