Melitta Avanza, we tested this compact automatic coffee machine

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Melitta Avanza.jpg

For true coffee lovers, there is no better way to enjoy your favorite beverage than with freshly ground beans. The Melitta Advances carries out the entire process automatically so that we only have to worry about tasting a cup to taste. The result has little to do with the widespread capsule machines such as the Krups Genio S, well we have verified how well it prepares this Melitta the coffees thanks to the courtesy of the manufacturer. During the time that we have had the coffee maker, we have enjoyed the exquisite drinks that this coffee maker prepares with ease. automatic machine. Now we tell you everything about it and our user experience.

Unboxing and design of the Melitta Avanza automatic coffee machine

Coffeemaker get moving, Of the brand Melitta, stands out for being one of the most compact on the market within its category. The coffee maker sports a modern aesthetic and a design that accumulates awards for technological innovation.

Melitta Advances

The product arrives in a large rectangular box cardboard, visually very attractive and full of information for the buyer. Great photos of the get moving adorn the front and back of the box, accompanied by icons that indicate the significant points of the product. On the sides the information is even more profuse, leaving no aspect unremarkable. Each key is explained in multiple languages, including the Castilian.

Melitta Advances

Accessories included

A few accessories and the essential Handbook, with section in Spanish. The Melitta Advances bring a cappuccino, consisting of two elements, and a tool to screw on the water filter (optional).

Melitta Advances

Manual and other documents included

Design of the Melitta Avanza

The Melitta Advances he wears an elegant design, which mainly combines the color black and with the metallic ones: titanium on the face plate and chrome plated on certain elements of the device. It has a practically rectangular shape, of the elongated type. Although within its category it is a compact model, the device is large.

Melitta Advances

Control panel including LED symbols

Weighs about 7.5 Kilograms, and the product dimensions are: 35 cm high x 20 cm wide x 45.5 long. The apparatus is basically of plastic. Even if certain parts are metal, such as an area of ​​the drip tray on stainless steel; or the steam pipe.

On top of the Melitta Advances we distinguish three separate zones. On the left, the water tank. It is translucentIt has a markings that indicate the minimum and maximum quantities, and when lifting the cover that covers it, it allows access to a handle to extract it. Stuck to his right is the grain tank. The part that sticks out is transparent, to show the coffee it stores. A lid, completely removable to allow the coffee to be refilled without problems, covers it. Finally a great rack covers the rest of the machine cover, whose utility is heat the cups.

Melitta Advances

Coffee bean tank

On the front are all the coffeemaker controlsincluding button to On off. In the middle of the front the double coffee outlet valve, What is it height adjustable, and the steam pipe. In the lower part the drip tray / cup rest.

Melitta Advances

Drip tray and drawer for coffee grounds

Features of the Melitta Avanza automatic coffee machine

The coffee machine get moving from Melitta It includes a number of specific functions and qualities to prepare the ideal drink to the consumer’s taste. Let’s see some of its benefits.

Capabilities, product keys and maintenance

We can fill the machine with up to 1.5 liters of water Y 250 g of coffee. This allows us to make a significant amount of beverages without worrying about constantly refilling the tanks. A notable feature of this model is the silent grinder. It is not that it does not make noise, but it is considerably less scandalous and faster in carrying out his task.

Melitta Advances

Brewing group with adjustment of the degree of grinding

The drip tray and the drawer for coffee grounds indicate when they must be emptied by means of a LED on the front, approximately every 8 dispensed. Likewise, the machine is responsible for notifying us by means of LEDs when the water needs to be refilled and more grains added. Cleaning the coffee maker is made much easier by being able to remove the brew unit, and the automatic cleaning and descaling programs. We even have the option to add a filter for the water being the get moving compatible with them.

Configuration and operation of the Melitta Avanza

The machine is delivered optimally adjusted at the factory, so basically we have to limit ourselves to unpacking the Melitta Advances and plug it in to start enjoying our first coffee. When turning on the machine for the first time, perform a automatic rinsing. Hot water first comes out of the cappuccino maker and then from the outlet valve. During this process the machine is purged. It is recommended discard the first two cups of coffee after the first start-up.

Melitta Advances

Cup warming surface

Ease and many preparation options

We are the ones who will be able to adjust the taste of the drink to taste. The maximum volume of a coffee that the machine prepares is 220 ml. With the simple press of a button we choose if we want a flavor gentle, normal or strong, which together with the grind levels and the aroma extraction system of the get moving, offers us an excellent coffee made to measure in each cup.

Melitta Advances

A few scoops of the sample coffee and instantly a perfect drink

We can regulate the amount of coffee from 25 ml to 220 ml easily with the rotary knob, and prepare two coffees at the same time. Also do milk foam very simply using the cappuccino, which also serves to prepare hot water. In short, each user can get coffee to your particular taste. We have tasted some exquisite drinks testing every possible option, with the BellaCream 100% Arabica that they have attached to us for testing.

Technical specifications of the Melitta Avanza

In the following table we detail all the characteristics of the automatic coffee machine get moving:

Melitta Advances
Dimensions 353 x 200 x 455 mm (Height x Width x Length)
Weight 7560 gr
  • Stainless steel
  • High-quality scratch-resistant plastic
Colour Black / Titanium / Chrome / White
Capacity (Coffee bean container) 250g XL coffee beans
Water tank 1.5 liters
Coffee at the push of a button Hot water, milk foam, espresso, cream coffee
Reference quantity (cups / day) 5-10
Adjusting the degree of grinding Yes
Milk foam system Cappuccinatore
  • Coffee dispensing
  • 2 cup dispensing
  • Coffee strength
  • Service
  • Steam dispensing
  • Double cup mode
  • Turn on, turn off
  • Valve
  • Rotary knob “Amount of coffee”
Indicators Red LED symbols:

  • Switched on
  • 2 cups
  • Water
  • Drip tray
  • Coffee bean
  • Filter
  • Cleaning
  • Decalcify
  • Steam
Coffee nozzle Adjustable in height up to 135 mm
Preparation unit Removable
Pump pressure max. 15 bar
Operating voltage 220 V – 240 V, 50 Hz – 60 Hz
Current consumption 1450 W
Auto power off Yes
App Melitta® Companion®
Requirements Android or iOS
Languages Various, not available in Spanish
  • Tutorials
  • Information on how to enjoy coffee
  • Service functions
Functioning Silent grinder
Box contents
  • Automatic coffee machine with accessories
  • Manuals and documentation
Warranty 2 years

Conclusions, price and availability of the Melitta Avanza

Melitta Advances

A delicious way to enjoy coffee

The Melitta Avanza automatic coffee machine has allowed us to enjoy coffees express, American, latte macchiato and rich cappuccino just like in a bar. The ease of use, and the possibilities of regulating the parameters of the drink to achieve the perfect flavor to suit our palate, make it a wonderful product for coffee lovers. So after testing the Melitta Advances a few days we grant our Gold Award.


  • Great quality of the drink.
  • Various modes of preparation.
  • Easy to use.

  • Grinding is not as quiet as indicated.
  • The app is not in Spanish, although it is not necessary.

Total score