Meross MTS960HK, smart thermostat for less than 40 euros


meross mts960hk 123.jpg

Meross just announced a new smart thermostat who wants to take care of your home. Thanks to it, we will be able to know (and control) remotely the most important aspects of the temperature of our home. We will tell you below how it works, what its main features are and where you can buy it at the best price. His name is Meross MTS960HK and he wants to help you better control your home.

Technical characteristics of the Meross MTS960HK

This Meross MTS960HK is a smart thermostat which is designed to be placed on a wall and to be able to see the temperature of the room at all times. incorporates a backlit LCD display from which we will visualize this information and in the lower part it comes with keypad so we can make the adjustments we want. Of course, to give it a more modern touch, also can be controlled with your own voice (thanks to the main virtual assistants) or from the mobile (with the Meross app).

We can establish different scenarios and assign them functions or routines, program temperatures in a dozen periods of time or establish temperature alarms to alert us to possible problems.

Meross MTS960HK

In order to adjust the temperature of our air conditioning equipment, they will have to be connected to the plug that includes the screen. As a curiosity, we can also use it in the water, in swimming pools, fish tanks…

It is worth noting that it is capable of measuring temperatures between -30ºC and 110ºCSo it covers a very wide range. For example, we can use it with both heating systems and air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, etc. Its functionality is very varied and diverse.

Availability and price

If you want to get hold of it, it has a fairly cheap price, specifically 39 euros. It is available in the Meross online store and currently the EU plug version is on pre-order, but shipments will start on may 31.

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