Midea dishwasher, one of the most compact in its range

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midea dishwasher, one of the most compact in its range

The dishwasher has become one of the most desired appliances, but, unlike the refrigerator or the microwave, it is not found in all kitchens. The lack of space can be a problem or if you already have the furniture placed in a specific way and you find yourself unable to fit a dishwasher as well. In this case, today we offer you a halfway solution, so you don’t have to give up anything: the  Midea dishwasher .

Technical characteristics of the Midea dishwasher

It is part of the so-called compact dishwashers , which have the advantage of precisely offering the capabilities of these appliances with a very small size. Obviously its capacity is also reduced compared to traditional models, but little is better than nothing, don’t you think? 

This particular model has dimensions of  42 × 43.5 × 46.5 cm. and a weight of  14.3 kg . The main materials are stainless steel and glass . Water consumption is only 6 liters per cycle, so it is also quite efficient ( F ). Its noise level is 58 dB .

MIDEA Dishwasher

In order to adjust the cycle of the dishwasher, it comes with a timer function and  an LED touch screen . The preset start time can be up to 24 hours. It can be used with or without a fixed water connection and can be used as a tabletop dishwasher. In addition, it incorporates  automatic  door opening for more efficient drying.

Another feature to highlight is that it has a  cleaning program at 70ºC for 65 minutes that allows us to clean the inside of the dishwasher in a comfortable and hygienic way when we have been using it for a while.

Availability and price

If you are interested in buying this Midea dishwasher, we have found it in the  Lidl online store for a price of 399 euros, although it is now on sale for only  279.99 euros . It is true that, even with the promotion, it is not a very cheap price, but it offers good results and a different concept.