Mijia H500, a dryer with aerodynamic noise reduction design

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xiaomi mijia h500 2.jpg

Before, to choose a dryer, we only took into account that it had a nice design, that the manufacturer gave us confidence and that the power was good to ensure effective drying. But times have changed and now technologically we ask much more of everything around us, including the dryer. The Xiaomi Mijia H500 It offers us many compelling reasons to become an excellent option when it comes to changing this product.

Is your hair crying out for a new dryer? Whether it is because the previous one has been damaged or because you notice that it is not going as well and that your hair is suffering, today we are going to talk about this model that aspires to become one of the preferred options for consumers who do not seek excellence, but do want a well-balanced dryer.

Mijia H500 Design

This Mijia H500 stands out first of all for having a aerodynamic noise reduction design. What does this mean? Xiaomi engineers have worked so that the format of this dryer allows the air outlet to be better focused, reducing the noise of the air blast itself, but also of the motor.

mijia h500

We have a metal body of reduced dimensions so that it is easier to carry and transport outside the home. Size including mouthpiece is 144 × 79 × 237mm. In addition, this also makes it light, it is true that perhaps the handle is not the most generous in the world, but in return we lose a few grams, which is also appreciated in this type of device in which our arm can tire if we are long time using them. For its part, the length of the power cable is 1.7 meters.

It has a button where we can select the speed (off, speed 1 or speed 2) and above it we have the temperature button with a small LED so that we know if it is cold or hot.

As accessories, it comes with a double layer magnetic suction nozzle.

What is it like to use this hair dryer?

This Xiaomi Mijia H500 offers hair care while drying it, something super important if we want to show off a shinier, softer and more beautiful mane in general. In this case, use dual water ion technology, which makes the hair hydrated and looks softer. If we compare it with the first generation of this dryer, which also used this type of technology to hydrate the hair, the moisture content has increased by more than one 26%while the brightness has risen more than one 9%.

How exactly does this technology work? It includes a condenser, which condenses the humidity in the air and atomizes it into negative water ions, which pass through two needle motors and from there go to the hair, without losing temperature.

At this point, we can also mention the glass bead thermal sensor which detects the air outlet temperature and adjusts it in real time to avoid problems that could result from excessive heating, such as damage to the product or hair.

mijia h500

The engine has 20,000 rpm, through seven aircraft turbine blades and a pressurized air duct. This causes the airflow velocity to reach the 20 meters per second. This way you can quickly get from the ends to the roots, drying all the hair equally and without damaging it. The rated power is 1800W.

Also, we can manually select three speeds and three air temperature settings. This dryer has a memory effect, so the next time you turn it on, it recovers the last setting you used. also has a LED indicator with two colors and a Intelligent cooling and heating temperature control.

It is not a perfect dryer, as you can already guess when you see its price. But it perfectly fulfills its function, which is to dry the hair quickly and take care of it at the same time, without the user having to spend a lot of money to bet on a model that really works.

Technical characteristics of the Xiaomi Mijia H500

Dimensions 144 × 79 × 237mm
Colour White / Silver
Cable length 1.7 meters
main material Metal
Power 1,800W
Motor 20,000rpm
air flow 20m/s
Technologies to highlight
  • Glass bead thermal sensor
  • Intelligent heating and cooling temperature control
  • Dual Water Ion Technology
  • Aerodynamic noise reduction design
LED indicator Yes
Buttons Yes
  • 1x Mijia H500
  • 1 x Double Layer Magnetic Suction Nozzle
  • 1x Instruction Manual

Availability and price of the Mijia H500

This hair dryer Xiaomi It is an economical model, with a nice design and good technologies focused on taking care of the hair while drying it. Of course, we cannot expect a very premium display of technologies or added functions, such as WiFi connectivity or the like. It’s a simple hair dryer that meets the three b’s (good, nice and cheap), but doesn’t particularly stand out. Is it worth it if you are looking for a good dryer? Yes. Is it worth it if you want THE BEST, with capital letters? Then you will have to look at other options, such as the GHD, Parlux, Dyson or Remington brands that have professional options.

And if you want to see an even cheaper Xiaomi model, here you can read more about it. My Ionic Hair Dryer H300. We also offer you our review of the Dyson Super Sonica high-end digital motor dryer that we tested a few years ago.

  • nice design
  • Compact, you can take it anywhere without taking up or weighing much
  • two colors available
  • magnetic nozzle
  • With two-color LED indicator
  • Technologies focused on caring for and moisturizing the hair while drying it
  • Good value for money

  • Without any connectivity

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