Modern and cheap decorative lighting for our homes

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Lighting is an element that practically everyone is looking for when buying or renting a home and although we have a lot of natural light, we also we usually decorate our homes with a multitude of lamps in all rooms. Today from GizHogar we bring you different styles of lamps that we can use in our home and that will give us a modern and original touch.

Decorative lighting for every home

Natural fiber lamps for your home

Hanging lamps made of natural fibers they are a very original type of decorative lighting for our homes. The materials with which these lamps are made are wicker, bamboo or rattan, all of them warm materials that can be perfectly combined with any style of decoration that we can have in our home. In addition to providing freshness and originality, we can create these lamps ourselves through tutorials, a very good idea to save us some money.

Easy to create geometric lamps

Geometric lamps are a good, very inexpensive and original option

These types of lamps are easy to make and the best thing is that we will make them to our liking, choosing between squares and triangles, spheres or rhombuses. What we need to create these lamps are wooden sticks, thick thread that can be cord, rope, wool or whatever we want and finally paint that we like the most and that matches the decoration of the room that we choose for this lamp.

Origami lamps

The truth is that handmade things always give a much more original touch to everything and origami has made this style of fashionable lamps. Following the origami technique, the lamps are made on paper with very simple, modern and original models. Building your own lamp is very simple and will bring modernity and originality wherever you hang them.

Transform old ceiling lights into current lamps

Old lamps can make our homes ugly if we have changed the decoration and have not touched the lighting elements, so a good way is try to transform them into modern lamps. Buying one basket for hanging plants, multicolored wooden spheres, wool and three hooks to hang it once we have it ready.

decorative lighting

Ceilings can be transformed into very original and modern lamps without spending much money

When we put all these tips into practice, we can boast of decoration by having our original and modern lamps distributed throughout the house and being the envy of anyone who visits you.