Moonside multicolor lamps: how do they work?

lamparas moonside destacada.jpg
lamparas moonside destacada.jpg

If you want to buy a beautiful, elegant and at the same time modern lamp, stop looking. Today we present you the new Moonside multicolour lamps a very interesting model that stands out both in features and design.

Characteristics of the multicolor Moonside lamps

We have two products: Lamp One and Neon Lighthousealmost identical in terms of price but with differences in both design and specifications.

Lamp One is a desk lamp that has lighting RGB LED with up to 120 dynamic lighting zones. Thanks to these individual zones we have beautiful effects that can be changed and moved smoothly and intermingling, creating a special effect. This model has a range of 50,000 hours, USB charging, compatibility with integrations such as IFTT and virtual assistants (Alexa and Google Assistant), WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

moonside lamp

The second model is neon light house. In this case, we have a luminescent bar also with lighting RGB LED and 90 individual zones of dynamic lighting. With 16 million programmable colors, it also has connectivity Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa, as well as other integrations, such as IFTT and SmartThings. This lamp is compatible with a base so you can stand it up, although you can also use it without it, in a vertical or horizontal position, hanging on the wall or on a surface, you can even buy several models and create beam effects. light with them thanks to this tubular design that is so original and practical.

moonside lamp

Availability and price

Moonside Neon Lighthouse price is $67.90 and the Moonside Neon Lamp One is from $69.90. It can be purchased from Spain thanks to international shipments from its official store, with an estimated delivery time of 15 days.

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