Motorola MBP48, baby monitor with audio and two-way voice.

Motorola Mbp48 Cabecera.jpg
Motorola Mbp48 Cabecera.jpg

When you have a baby at home, safety is paramount, so a good baby monitor is essential for our peace of mind. Motorola knows it and, therefore, brings you the Motorola MBP48, a baby monitor with a 5.0 ”screen.

Motorola MBP48 Features

The Motorola MBP48 is a Motorola digital baby monitor that has a 5.0 ”screen, so you can control the status of your little one at all times. It has a 2.4GHz FHSS digital technology with which you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you are facing a secure connection, since this signal cannot be intercepted by anyone. In addition, the video monitor has a 5 ”color LCD screen as we have already mentioned and that also offers us night vision through sensor by infrared to monitor the baby’s room both at night and in low light conditions and with reduced visibility. In fact, the remote zoom of the camera will ensure you a perfect view of the little one and his surroundings. It also has a two-way audio that shows a clear sound and that, in addition, will allow you to communicate with the same clarity as if you were in the same room, so you can talk to your baby or whoever is with him without any problem. Therefore, with this baby monitor, watching over your dreams will now be much easier.

Among its main features, as we have already summarized at the beginning, we have the aforementioned 5.0-inch HD screen, with which you can monitor your baby anywhere in the house with a very good quality of vision. This, in turn, has a rechargeable lithium battery long-lasting that you can also use through a ac adapter domestic, which means that, if you do the latter, you can use it uninterruptedly and without fear of it turning off. To this must be added its function of displaying the room temperature of the child’s room, with which you will know at all times what the temperature is to avoid both cold and heat or discover if you have left a window open or poorly closed, etc. This model In turn, it includes both a microphone and a loudspeaker in the baby unit so that you can not only listen to the little one, but you can also communicate with him from the parent unit. It is a very practical feature that serves, among many other uses, so that without the need for parents to be present, they can reassure the baby through their voice if they find themselves alone with all the advantages that this entails. Wireless technology is 2.4 GHZ FHSS, which means that the connection between the screen and the camera is completely secure and private. Nobody but you and only you or your family will be able to see your baby, since the camera has an encrypted signal that ensures total privacy with the tranquility that this implies. Also, and in addition to everything we have already mentioned, the Motorola MBP 48 has a ECO mode, a technology that will reduce energy consumption and transmission power for DECT and 2.4 Ghz FHSS devices. What’s more, international limits for the transmission of radio waves ensure that there is no risk. Motorola claims that its products are well below the recommended radio wave limits, so they are safe products that do not pose any risk to us or to ours and, although there is still no scientific evidence that radio waves Radio emitted by DECT devices are harmful, motorola baby monitors have a function that automatically reduces the transmission power.

Therefore and in summary of everything mentioned above, the Motorola MBP48 has dimensions of 9.6 x 15.7 x 11.5 cm a weight of just over 300 grams and it is designed in white. Its list of main features is summarized in the following:

  • 5 ”color screen
  • Infrared night vision
  • High sensitivity microphone
  • Volume control & visual acoustic level indicator
  • Room temperature control
  • Two-way communication
  • Remote zoom
  • Lullabies

Features of the Motorola MBP 48

Motorola MBP48
Model MBP 48
Product weight 322 g
Product dimensions 7.2 x 15.7 x 11.5 cm
Batteries 1 Lithium polymer required (s), included (s)
Recommended upper age range 0 months and up
Composition of materials N
Product model number MBP 48
Gender Unisex
Additional characteristics Volume control, Talk back function, Night mode, Built-in display, Thermometer, rechargeable
Style MBP 48
Batteries required Yes
Screen size 2 inches
Sensor technology night vision sensor, room temperature sensor

Opinions from the Motorola MBP48

Although it brings more features than other models, it can be somewhat expensive for what it offers, since the image it offers, although it is advertised as HD does not reach the quality we are used to, although it fulfills its functions well. Among some of the most notable features is its sensor room temperature detector, although there may be a difference between what it indicates and other measurement systems. Also, night vision is effective and works correctly, plus it has a ECO mode so that it consumes less and emits less radio wave, despite the fact that the emission of the same does not reach the established minimums. For all this, we can say that it is a good product, but not good value for money if we take into account that there are other devices that fulfill the same functions and are cheaper.

Motorola MBP48

Availability and price of the Motorola MBP48

If you are interested in seeing this baby monitor you can do it in stores such as PcComponentes, Amazon, Media Markt, El Corte Inglés and eBay.

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  • ECO mode.
  • Two-way audio and voice.

  • Not good value for money.

Total score