Moulinex HF800A13, food processor with up to 300 recipes.

Moulinex Hf800a13 Cabecera.jpg
Moulinex Hf800a13 Cabecera.jpg

If you like cooking, you will probably already know kitchen robots, those appliances that help you cook countless dishes without staining utensils. Moulinex knows that this type of appliance is a great advantage in kitchens, so it brings you its Moulinex HF800A13 so that you become a real cook.

Moulinex HF800A13

The Moulinex HF800A13 is an ideal kitchen robot both for those kitchens who start in the kitchen as for the more experienced ones. It adapts perfectly to your kitchen level thanks to the 6 automatic programs that it has incorporated and that will help you learn more every day. In fact, you can also use the manual mode to control both temperature, time and speed that you want in your own recipes.

However, if you’re not sure what to cook one day, don’t worry! The Moulinex HF800A13 brings up to 300 different recipes programmed of appetizers, desserts and dishes that you can select in a comfortable and easy way. In fact, did you know that if you combine them between them you can get up to 1 million different menus?

With the timer from 5 seconds to 120 minutes, you can serve your dish just when it finishes cooking and, likewise, you can also perform other tasks while it is cooking. His 4.5 liter capacity bowl allows you to prepare dishes for up to 6 diners, so this kitchen robot is designed and thought for the whole family and for friends.

Finally and as an extra point, it is an appliance silent that keeps food warm until you serve it and is very easy to use. So much so that you will be surprised how easy it is to prepare your favorite dishes in this food processor.

General characteristics of the Moulinex HF800A13

Moulinex HF800A13
Stainless steel Yes
Display Yes
Kitchen function Yes
Features Pica
Cook slowly
Ice pick
Indicators on the display Speed, temperature and time
Automatic programs 6
Adjustable temperature From 30º to 130º
Ability 4.5 L (6 full servings)
Timer From 5 seconds to 120 minutes
It includes Book with 300 recipes
Colour White

Opinions from the Moulinex HF800A13

With a good value for money, the Moulinex HF800A13 is a kitchen robot that will make it easier for you to prepare new dishes. Among some of its advantages is that, in addition to the different recipes it offers, it will help you not to stain the kitchen, something very desired today.

Nevertheless, Despite the price, it does not have as many functions as other robots from other brands.

Moulinex HF800A13

Availability and price of the Moulinex HF800A13

If you are interested in acquiring the Moulinex HF800A13 you can do so at Media Markt and Ebay.


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  • Bring up to 300 recipes.
  • Helps not stain the kitchen.

  • It does not have as many functions as other robots.